Fitness star shows reality behind ‘perfect’ bikini snaps by breathing out

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A fitness star has revealed the truth behind Instagram model's summer bodies with a posing secret.

Personal trainer Georgina Cox showed her followers that the seemingly "perfect" beach body is in the angles and breathing after sharing a short video on her account @georginacoxpersonaltraining.

The trainer who aims to "build strong, confident women" recorded herself in the famous arched back pose, breathing in before showing how her body naturally looks when relaxed.

Captioning the video that has also been shared by ASOS, Georgina wrote: "Posing is definitely a contributing FACTOR to the vast majority of images we scroll past, but when it comes to muscle, BODY COMPOSITION will EMPHASISE these poses.

"When you build muscle, specifically your UPPER body like your back and shoulders, and build your LOWER body like your legs and glutes, you are able to create the ILLUSION of a smaller waist, ESPECIALLY in certain poses."

Cox claims that regardless of her weight she genetically has always had a smaller waist but training has made it appear even smaller.

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She also added that you can't really see the muscle she has built during her career without posing her body and activating those areas.

"After spending YEARS of my life meticulously comparing my body and avoiding having my photo taken, whether it’s my posed or unposed reality, I will ALWAYS take advantage of a moment to embrace my body – a body I have spent the majority of my life at WAR with, " she added.

Her personal struggle with body image made her realise that other women were scrolling through the app doing the same thing.

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So, she took to Instagram to show women they are being lied to and to remind her followers not to waste time comparing themselves to others.

Her original post has been liked over 200,000 times with hundreds of comments thanking her for her honesty.

Ana_bel38 wrote: "Thank you for helping me one post at a time."

"I absolutely love your posts!" added Laurs_79.

Harley71 said: "Georgina, you’re such a gem and inspiration."

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