Feel Free to Send This Chocolate Dick to Someone for Valentine's Day

If you’re sick and tired of having to personally mail out anonymous gag gifts to friends, there’s now a service that lets you send chocolate dicks to all your friends/lovers/acquaintances/enemies anonymously. Meet Dick at Your Door. As the name suggests, they sell (chocolate) dicks and ship them to wherever they may—or may not—be needed.

Adam Hascall, the founder of Dick at Your Door, launched the company in 2014 after making chocolate peens in his garage with a friend and then sending them to unaware pals as a hilariously sweet prank.

While DAYD was started with the premise of being able to anonymously tell your friends to “eat a dick,” you can send a dick for whatever reason. And if it’s a joke, you can now also send a handwritten custom card ‘fessing up that it was you for an extra ten dollars.

We should note, a disclaimer on the site states that these chocolate dicks are not intended for malicious intent, and should only be used as gag gifts for friends/lovers/etc.

Naturally, Valentine’s Day is the company’s most popular occasion, Hascall says. But Easter, Halloween, and summer birthdays are also super popular.

As far as flavor choices, DAYD has offered sugary Ds in a Pumpkin Spice-flavor (though that model is currently sold out) and white chocolate (although, when we say white chocolate, we mean nearly-paper white), but the rest are made of vegan “milk” chocolate.

And if you’re looking for a cocoa-crazy penis that gives back, you’ve come to the right dick-selling place: One dollar from each sale of The Don goes towards research for prostate cancer.

Now go forth and eat—or send—a bunch of dicks.

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