Father gives his daughter a lock because her cousins steal from her

Father who put a lock on his teenage daughter’s room because her cousins who are staying keep taking her things reveals his wife is annoyed at HIM and says her family will ‘hate him’ for it

  • An unnamed father from Quebec had to put a lock on door of daughter’s room
  • Explained her cousin took her belongings and had no respect for her privacy 
  • Revealed brother-in-law, who is staying with him, called his daughter ‘defective’
  • Added that his wife was annoyed at him and giving him the silent treatment
  • People online said the father was the only one standing up for his daughter 

A father revealed how he had to put a lock on the door of his teenager’s room because her cousins kept taking her belongings, but has been blamed for standing up for his daughter. 

The unnamed father, from Quebec, Canada, explained on the subreddit Am I The A******? that his brother-in-law, and his twin daughters, 18, are staying with him, his wife and their 16-year-old daughter. 

The two cousins have been taking his daughter’s belongings without permission, including a $60 MAC makeup palette she spent a month saving up for, which they ruined by mixing eyeshadow colours. 

The father put a lock on his daughter’s door so that the cousins couldn’t entre without permission. but his brother-in-law confronted wasn’t happy at them being painted as ‘thieves’ and called his daughter ‘defective.’

He’s now getting the ‘silent treatment’ from everyone, including his wife, who says her family will ‘hate him’ for it. 

Commenters said the father had done the right thing by getting the lock, and that he was the only person standing up for his daughter in the house. 

An unnamed father, from Quebec, Canada, explained on the subreddit Am I The A******? that his brother-in-law and his daughters, 18, were staying with him, his wife and their 16-year-old daughter. He said he had to put a lock on his daughter’s door because her cousins’ borrowed her belongings and didn’t respect her privacy, which resulted in his wife giving him the silent treatment (stock picture) 

The father explained the brother-in-law has been staying with them following his divorce ten months ago, along with his two daughters.

He said that while the cousins and his daughter were not close, they got along fine, until the two families moved together and the twins started going into her room and taking ‘everything they get their hands on’.

Saying the have ‘no respect for her privacy’, she said they’d taken ‘makeup, phone accessories, clothes, school laptop etc’. 

She complained a lot and I’ve already asked the girls to respect her privacy and stop taking things,’ he added. 

The father said his brother-in-law had called his daughter ‘defective’ and that his wife had asked him to take the lock down

These initial issues led to disagreements with his wife and brother-in-law who said it was ‘typical teenage girls behavior’.  

‘Last straw was when [my daughter] bought a 60$ MAC makeup kit that looks like a paintset that she saved up for over a month and one of the girls took it without permission and ruined it by mixing shades together while using it,’ he added.

The dad found his daughter crying and told his wife, who said to ask his niece to apologize.  

‘I got [my daughter] a lock after I found she was moving valuable belongings out the house because of this incidence,’ the dad explained.

Some people said the cousins should behave like appreciative guests, while others said they didn’t understand how his wife could side with her brother

The lock caused a further rift between the family, when his brother-in-law and his daughters found out about it. 

‘[My brother-in-law] asked about it and I straight up told him. He said “my daughters aren’t thieves!!! it’s normal that girls of the same age borrow each others stuff”,’ the father went on. 

He explained his brother-in-law said the father’s daughter could get a palette for $15 at Walmart and shouldn’t be buying expensive makeup. 

The outraged dad said his brother-in-law ‘suggested my wife take care of this “defect” in his daughter’s personality trying to appear older than she is. 

‘He accused me of being overprotective and babying [her] with this level of enablement,’ he went on. 

The father explained his wife wasn’t happy with his decision either. 

Other people said the cousins were being malicious by borrowing his daughter’s makeup without permission and that his daughter’s room was her ‘sacred place’

‘She shamed me for putting a lock on [our daughter’s] door for her cousins to see and preventing them from “spending time” with her saying I was supposed to treat them like daughters,’ he said. 

In spite of the pressures from his family, the dad refused to remove the lock on his daughter’s door. 

As a result, the whole family was giving him and his daughter the silent treatment.  

People on Reddit said the father had made the right call and was the only person to stand up for his daughter. 

‘Don’t back down. You are the only one sticking up for her. If her cousins want to use expensive makeup, give them your wife’s. I guarantee she won’t appreciate sharing anymore,’ one said. 

‘Exactly! As a mother myself I cannot fathom how any mother would let someone treat their child like that, even if it is family. That would have bought them a one way ticket right out my front door. If your kid can’t count on you to protect them, who can they count on,’ another said.  

‘Your wife harbors someone who tells you that her daughter has a “defect” in her personality for buying an expensive make up kit, that’s the kind of thing that has people thinking about divorce,’ one said. 

‘Not to add, even if [your brother-in-law] thinks a makeup kit from Walmart is comparable, he should’ve at least offered to buy it for her. Instead he thinks she is responsible to replace the items that his daughters ruined,’ another wrote.  

‘I would divorce someone if they let a family member even obliquely suggest that my kid was defective,’ another said. 

‘It totally baffles me how some families allow certain types of behaviour amongst themselves. How OP’s wife tolerates her brother talking about her daughter like that or talking to her husband like that in HIS house,’ one wrote. 

‘A child’s room in their parent’s house is THEIR safe space, it should be sacred and a place they know they can create their own boundaries, having a parent shit on that for the sake of her brother’s feelings is depressing, this girl will grow to know mommy doesn’t have her back or care about her feelings…at least Daddy (OP) has some common sense in this regard, fair play to that guy,’ they went on/ 

‘They are 18; this is 100 per cent vindictive. Mixing and destroying a new palette and leaving it on her BED screams of malice,’ one person said of the cousins. 

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