Family transforms dead pet dog into a rug to ‘preserve forever’

Australian company Chimera Taxidermy was hired by a family to turn their dog into an object for their home. Maddy, the company’s owner, said pet taxidermy was on the rise.

After their beloved Golden Retriever died, a family decided to have him in their lives for longer by transforming him into a rug.

In an Instagram post on her company’s account, Maddy, 29, wrote: “Beautiful old golden retriever preserved as a pelt for his family. Finally ready to head home.”

The taxidermist explained that “the pelt has been tanned and turned to leather so the fur won’t fall out”.

Speaking to Yahoo News, she continued: “Pet taxidermy has only really become more popular in the last five years or so, so it’s a very new thing to see for most people.

“Some are more of a sentimental keepsake, others are on display resting in their beds or however their owners wanted them preserved.”

However, the Chimera Taxidermy owner admitted the idea was “definitely not for everyone” and that she “absolutely respects that”.

She added: “It’s sometimes difficult working with pets compared to other animals.

“But it’s more rewarding to be able to help people with their grief and allow them to keep a part of their pet forever.”

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Social media users expressed divided opinions about the Retriever being crafted into a mat.

Some thought it was a good idea, such as Instagram user @mallysdying, who said: “Beautiful work as always.”

User @vwgirlsdoitbetter wrote: “I’m so glad more people are doing this now.”

User @skullsandboba commented: “What a cutie! You did a great job with him.”

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User @c4n1d.c4nn1b4l said: “Super cute, never seen pets preserved as pelts before.”

User @wys.zakupha added: “Pet taxidermy where the pets sleep forever always give me a really special feeling, like they’re not forced to anything, they’re free and their owners still habe them very near at the same time. Such a beautiful and peaceful thing.”

However, some people commented on Maddy’s post with the angry face emoji, expressing their disgust.

But, another user responded: “This is someone’s pet. They wanted to keep a part of him forever, no different to keeping ashes of a loved one. He wasn’t killed for taxidermy.”

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Maddy also posted a photo of a pet cat named Milkshake to her Instagram – she had stuffed the animal and mounted it in its favourite sleeping position.

In the post’s caption, she wrote: “Taxidermy preservation for the beloved cat, Milkshake. She has been preserved by traditional taxidermy, sleeping eternally in her favourite resting position.

“Thank you for the trust to preserve this beautiful lady forever.”

User @the_life_ofpie wrote: “I would love this for my kitty.”

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