Family claim Britain’s ‘most festive’ house after covering it in 50,000 lights

A Christmas-loving family has claimed to have the UK’s most festive home after spending thousands of pounds on an absolute sleigh-load of decorations.

Daniel Gibbs, his wife Kathryn and their two daughters have spent almost two decades amassing the huge hoard of decorations, forking out £5,000 in the last three years alone.

As well as the fairy lights, the incredible display includes a big Christmas tree, numerous reindeer, a ‘Ho ho ho’ sign and several giant snowmen.

The Gibbs have been using the impressive Yuletide attraction to raise money for charity since 2014, and have so far collected around £8,000.

Along with receptionist Kathryn, 16-year-old student Chloe and Beth, 21, 48-year-old Daniel did the big switch-on last Saturday.

The project manager said: "Over the years, it’s become a huge family tradition as well as a way to raise funds for a good cause.

"We add to the display every year, and like to think we have a strong claim to being Britain’s most festive house."

Daughter Beth, who works at the Royal Bank of Scotland, explained how deep the festive spirit runs in the Gibbs family.

She said: "My dad has always been a big fan of Christmas. He’s a big kid really.

"It started when we were little with just two little snowmen and a Father Christmas.

"He started buying Christmas decorations during the sales, and over the years, the collection has just got bigger and bigger.

"We ended up having to buy another shed just to store it all."

The family have spent months preparing the arrangement at their semi-detached home in Benfleet, Essex, with Daniel even taking time off work to get everything ready.

Beth said: "My mum actually tries to stop him going to the sales to buy more things. It’s become a bit of an obsession.

"I asked my dad how much the electricity bill goes up, and he didn’t say."

She added: "It’s so nice having all the little kids come up knocking on the door. We get such lovely comments.

"It spurs you on to do it because you know you’re doing it for a good cause.

"People walk around our drive taking pictures and selfies."

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This year the Gibbs have set up a JustGiving page where they are raising money for Little Havens Children Hospice.

To donate click here.

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