Extreme ‘botched’ surgeries – from ‘Monsters, Inc’ lips to BBL ‘murder scene’

A mother suffered injuries “typical of a knife fight” after a botched surgery – before tragically dying earlier this year.

Sara Gomez paid £4,800 for a liposuction operation last December only to lose her life after nearly a month in ICU.

The mum-of-two, 39, had the fat loss treatment at the private clinic in Cartagena, Spain.

But she was rushed to hospital in serious condition after the surgery before dying on New Year’s Day .

According to reports, Sara ended up with holes in her kidney, liver, duodenum, colon and intestine during the liposuction.

Family lawyer Ignacio Martinez said the injuries were “more typical of the result of a knife fight”.

Below, we take a look at some disturbing botched surgery cases where patients were left fearing for their lives or disfigured.

BBL Death Scare

Love Islander Anna Vakilli ended up “bleeding all over” her hotel room after a Brazilian bum lift (BBL) went wrong.

The 31-year-old jetted to Turkey with her sister, Mandi, to get the controversial surgery on a budget – but she said she sustained an infection that almost killed her.

The BBL is a private cosmetic procedure which sees medical practitioners extract fat from other parts of the body and put it into the buttocks.

Speaking on her and Mandi's podcast Sisters in the City last week, Anna said: “After our surgery, within a day or two, we were in a hotel room about to faint with blood all over the hotel room.

“It was like a murder scene, we both collapsed in hotel room. Bandaged up, bleeding… it was like a horror movie.”

She is now urging fans to “not take the decision lightly” to get a BBL as “so many people die” from complications.

Eye-Popping Op

Pete Broadhurst, 79, splashed out £11,000 on surgeries in 2019 – but is now unable to close his eyes.

The pensioner, from Four Oaks, Birmingham, wanted the cosmetic procedures to fix his puffy cheeks.

He has now been unable to shut his eyes for three years (even after corrective surgery) and he has to tape them shut at night.

The retired painter and decorator, who uses eye drops eight times a day, said: “I just want relief. I want to tell others to be careful because it can ruin your life.”

He said he has lost relationships because of it and that he appears “frightening” because his eyes remain open even when he’s desperate to close them.

Pete went to a private hospital in 2019 for a neck lift, under-eye blepharoplasty and a rhinoplasty costing £11k that would help reduce his cheeks.

It took nine hours and afterwards he said: “I looked like I’d been beaten up. It was horrendous, and I couldn’t close my eyes.

“I was being sick all through the night and in my sleep. The day after the surgery, I wished I’d never gone.”

Despite attempts at fixing his eye issue, he added: “My left eye is still open today. Whoever you trust, even a top surgeon, please be careful because it can ruin your life.”

Monster Lips

A woman was compared to a “Monsters, Inc character” after her lips ballooned to eight times the normal size after she had an allergic reaction to fillers.

Graduate Kailee Jones, 23, wanted bigger lips because she thought they looked too small opposed to her other facial features.

She got 1ml of lip filler injected across her lips – but they swelled within an hour as her friends later told her she looked like Fungus from Monsters, Inc.

Kailee said: “I couldn't drink anything or even open my mouth to talk – I couldn't speak.

"I would say they were eight times the size of my normal lips, it was unreal. I looked like the Monsters, Inc. character."

She added: “The pictures don't even really show how big they were, it was crazy.

"It was very painful. I was scared it was going to go to my throat, which is what doctors said it could do, and my throat could close basically.

"That was my biggest fear and then also just thinking 'are they stuck like this?' They went down after three days and then after that it wasn't too bad."

The swelling eventually subsided and the young woman was “put off” by fillers.

Beauty and the Beast

A Russian beauty queen is suing two doctors after she claimed they flouted health and safety laws during a “botched” plastic surgery horror.

Mrs Russian-International runner up Yulia Tarasevich said plastic surgery costing £3,000 resulted in her being unable to shut her eyes.

She alleged that the facelift surgery, a reduction of fat in her cheeks and a blepharoplasty of her eyelids also disfigured her.

Yulia said: “I came to them with a beautiful, healthy face. I Just wanted to correct some nuances caused by ageing. But sadly I lost my health."

She said her face became swollen and inflamed during the surgery before requiring emergency follow-up surgery by another doctor to save her eyes from necrosis.

Yulia – who said she has spent £20,000 trying to fix the damage – is now filing criminal action against the two original doctors.

Botox Party

A woman said nurses were left in fits of laughter after seeing the sight of her smackers.

Rachael Knappier got botched lip filler at a “Botox party” but woke up with a large lump on her lip.

They “quadrupled”in size and she was so disturbed that she went on to This Morning to push for tighter restrictions on lip fillers.

She said: “They hadn’t seen anything like it before. I’ve turned up to A&E with this huge thing on my face.

"I’m telling them I’m having an allergic reaction, which is what I thought was happening.

“Three doctors said I'd actually had the filler injected into my artery."

She went on to warn others to “protect before you inject”.

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