Expert shares top tips for younger skin but gives crucial warning

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Ageing is a natural process but there are many options which can help you stay looking young for longer. Beauty therapist and aesthetic practitioner Janine Caplan spoke exclusively to about what lifestyle choices and treatments are available and recommended to improve the appearance of older skin.

Janine told “Most women in their 50s are approaching or have hit menopause.”

She said that when this happens lots of changes take place in the skin, for example its texture and plumpness change.

The expert explained: “This is due to hormone changes. You can all of a sudden have outbreaks of acne that you’ve never had before, find your skin lacks in hydration and you begin to notice pigmentation spots. The plumpness of your skin also becomes depleted due to loss of collagen and your elastin also begins to weaken.”

Maturer women might notice jowls and dark circles around their eyes due to decreased bone density, and their “eyes, temples and mouth seem to cave inwards”.

“Once this happens your face losses its scaffolding that holds everything up and things then begin to start dropping south showing up in naso folds, marionette lines, smokers’ lines and flat cheeks.”

However, Janine reassured women: “As bad as this all sounds there are a lot of treatments out there that will keep you looking younger without the need of going under the knife.”

The expert revealed that “now more than ever is time to really look after your skin – it’s never too late”.

There are plenty of ways you can help your skin’s appearance without treatment: “If you use nothing else make sure you are using an antioxidant to prevent skin ageing anymore and an SPF of 50.” She also urged women to focus on skincare products with active ingredients, as they make a “big difference”.

She stated: “The cosmetic products that you buy over a beauty counter may smell and feel lovely but you need to start using a cosmeceutical product like Skinceutical.”

The contents of your fridge and pantry could also do your skin a world of good – or bad – depending on what’s inside.

She urged women to fill up on water, cut out refined sugar and increase the amount of green vegetables they eat.

As for anti-ageing treatments available to women, Janine shared her top three. She said: “Anti-wrinkle treatments (which you would know as Botox) are also a great preventative treatment.

“Botox does not get rid of static lines (deep lines already formed) but will stop more from forming, and if done correctly you will look very natural and relaxed.”

She continued: “Profhilo is a relatively new treatment. It is known as the natural filler as it only contains Hyaluronic acid (HA).

“This treatment works by adding HA to your skin superficially. HA holds 1000x its weight in water which in turn plumps up your skin again removing fine lines. This is used to give total hydration and plumpness to the skin, given as a two part treatment and normally lasts around six months.”

The expert spoke about the possible benefits of filler, which is also HA but crossed linked to give a firmer substance.

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She told readers: “You will see immediate results. When starting fill out cheeks first – again this will just put back what you have lost. By filing cheeks you will find this pulls out folds in the naso area and helps with hollows under the eye.

“Fillers can also be put in or around lips and mouth. This will pull out smokers lines and plump up lips to original volume. You can add volume to anywhere that has lost it with the use of fillers.”

But she gave a warning, advising women to “start subtlety as you can always add more as you go on”.

She concluded: “The big must is to find an aesthetic practitioner that understands menopausal skin.”

Janine Caplan is a beauty therapist and aesthetic practitioner, AKA The Face Alchemist.

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