Expert reveals 3 dating app red flags that will stop you being scammed

I’m a relationship expert and these three dating app red flags will stop you being scammed

  • Paul Carrick Brunson has shared what should raise alarm bells on dating apps 
  • The relationship expert spoke about the red flags on ITV’s Lorraine this morning 
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A relationship expert has revealed the three red flags to watch out for on dating apps to avoid falling victim to romance scams. 

Paul Carrick Brunson, who co-hosts Married at First Sight UK and Celebs Go Dating, appeared on Lorraine this morning to help singletons navigate the online dating world.

‘I’m highly concerned about this,’ he said. ‘You have millions of people here in the UK and around the world who are being targeted by online scammers.’

Describing how easy it is to fall for a scam, Paul stressed how perpetrators often research all they can about their prospective victims ‘for months and months and months’.

After diving into their social media feeds, the expert said the team of scammers will then ‘figure out a script’ to con people out of money. 

Paul continued: ‘The average person is losing between £10,000 – 15,000 for each one of these scams.

‘They get your trust and what they’re really trying to focus on are people who are going through some kind of emotional turmoil.’

He said scammers may specifically keep an eye out for people who are widowed or have lost someone special in their life. 

‘They’ll reach out to you on a dating app typically and they’ll try to woo you in,’ Paul added.

He said there are three key ‘red flags’ to have on your radar should things progress with someone you’re chatting to online. 


Another red flag to be aware of is someone appearing extremely eager to take the conversation off of the dating app. 

Paul advised that this is ‘because a lot of dating apps today have safety structures’ – so getting you to a place with less safeguards is a priority for the scammer. 

Relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson has warned of the red flags to keep an eye out for when you’re using dating apps. Stock image used

‘They try move you onto email or move you onto a phone call,’ he explained. 

Not only does this take you into a less regulated environment, but it feels like a step towards intimacy. 


It may come as no surprise that scammers prefer to keep themselves hidden behind a screen. 

So, if the person you’re chatting with is hesitant to meet up in person, alarm bells should be going off in your head. 

Paul stressed that it’s a huge warning sign to look out for – after all, how could they love you if they ‘never want to meet you’? 

Paul Carrick Brunson said that an increasing number of people are losing thousands in scams across the UK


Paul said to be wary of anyone who’s coming on a little too strong after just chatting online or on the phone – as it’s a tried and true scammer tactic.  

‘What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to woo you in deeper and they hit you with “well…I need some money”.

‘And there’s always a request for money but it just doesn’t come as “I need money”, it is “my son son and I are travelling and I’ve lost my credit card”.

‘They try to pull on those emotional strings…’

The relationship expert also urged everyone, regardless of context, to not send money to a stranger. 

He added: ‘Any time you’re being asked for money… that is a big red flag. Never ever turn over money to someone you’ve never met. Anytime someone asks you for money…just say no.’

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