Eight huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Billy Mitchell’s drug twist and Sharon Watts' downfall

BILLY Mitchell turns to drug dealing next week as he tries desperately to compete with Jay Brown for his ex Honey. 

Billy’s rash decision comes after Honey and Jay go public with their relationship. Here’s the lowdown from the Square….

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1. Max exposes Sharon

Sharon tells Max he’s only trying to prove Tina’s innocence to get Linda back when he quizzes her about Ian and touches a nerve. 

But she panics when Linda tells her that Max is on a mission to discover who attacked Ian in the Vic. 

Later, Max is gutted to see Linda and Mick back together at the pub and stews over Sharon’s comments.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Kathy arrive with missing flyers for Ian.

A huge showdown erupts between Kathy and Sharon as Max makes a shock announcement, telling everyone that Sharon was behind Ian’s attack – and that Tina is innocent.

2. Chelsea’s plan unravels

EastEnders viewers know that Chelsea is on a mission to get revenge against her serial killer dad Lucas Johnson. 

But next week her plan takes a disastrous turn when she ends up putting her mum Denise in danger.

When Denise realises that Chelsea is taking Lucas on holiday, she storms round and a accuses him of manipulating her. 

Lucas reminds her that he can’t even leave the country, but Chelsea steps in and assures Lucas that the paperwork is sorted.

Later, as Chelsea waits by the taxi, Lucas refuses to leave.

Denise is furious, telling Lucas he’s let his daughter down again, but as she continues to rage at him, Lucas finally snaps.

3. Denise disappears with Lucas

Viewers will later see Chelsea with Jack looking for Denise following her disappearance.

Vinny interrupts them and says he thinks something has happened at the flat and that he’s seen blood.

They rush over but Denise and Lucas are nowhere to be found.

What has Lucas done?

4. Honey and Jay go public

Billy asks Phil for a job but Phil isn’t impressed by Billy’s snide comments about Jay and sticks up for him.

When Honey suggests to the kids that they have a chat about her and Jay, Billy turns up late.

Honey reaches the end of her tether and tells Billy to get his things and leave.

5. Billy starts dealing drugs

Later in the week, Billy is hurt when Jay buys the kids new trainers and grows determined to get a new job.

But when his shift doesn't go to plan at the call centre, he asks Vinny about dealing drugs.

Vinny gives Billy a drugs package and Billy promises him he knows what he’s doing.

Will he go through with it to impress Honey?

6. Kush gives Ruby a warning

Viewers will see Ruby grow irritated when Martin shows more interest in computer games than her and and try to seduce him. 

But her plans are derailed when Kush interrupts with dinner. 

Later in the week, Dotty asks Ruby for some more shifts and Ruby spots an opportunity, suggesting she gets a lodger. 

When Dotty looks confused, Ruby tells her she has someone ready to move in straight away – Kush.

As Ruby returns home, Kush tells her he won’t be manipulated by her like Martin is. 

7. Mick investigates Tina's disappearance

Mick tells Linda nothing is making sense when it comes to Tina’s disappearance. 

Later viewers will see Mick getting worked up over the situation.

Will he do some digging and discover Gray’s crimes?

8. Linda discovers the truth about Ian

Following Max and Sharon’s performance in the pub, Mick persuades Linda to get the truth from Max about Ian’s whereabouts.

And Linda is shocked when Max explains what he knows. 

Will she confront Sharon?

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