Drivers warned of extra charge when filling up with fuel over next two weeks

Brits planning to fill up their cars in the next two weeks are being warned of rising costs.

Drivers could see possibly see a decrease in prices, but it would require retailers to pass on the drop in wholesale costs.

The RAC revealed diesel drivers are being charged an extra 20p over the owners of petrol cars.

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According to the car and motoring organisation, diesel drivers are spending £92 to fill the average tank.

It told This Is Money that diesel drivers are due a "huge pump price cut" within a fortnight.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "While our data shows petrol is generally being sold at a fair price at forecourts at the moment, drivers of the country's 12million diesel cars – as well as almost every white van driver, have every right to feel hard done by as they're paying a huge premium for the fuel, which in no way reflects its lower wholesale cost.

"For nearly a month, the gap between wholesale petrol and diesel prices has been less than 10p a litre, and in recent days it has reduced to just 3.5p.

"Yet average diesel prices at the pumps remain stubbornly high, having fallen by only 2p since the start of February."

RAC criticised retailers who haven't passed on the price noting that membership-only retailer Costco dropped the average price on a litre of diesel by 4p last week.

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Currently, it is charging diesel at 157.7p per litre which is 13p lower than the national average.

Simon added: "Costco cutting the average price of a litre of diesel by 4p last week shows what's possible, but we badly need other fuel retailers to treat drivers of diesel vehicles fairly."

RAC found diesel's wholesale price, which is the amount that retailers pay for fuel, was just 6p per litre more than petrol last week.

However, the average cost of a litre of diesel in the UK at the moment is around 148p.

It also found retailers are "subsidising" cheaper petrol by taking a margin of 20p on every litre of diesel they sell.

"If retailers now do the right thing this should reduce significantly, saving drivers who rely on diesel a lot of money every time they fill up," Simon concluded.

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