‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ Preview: Dog Gets Into A Heated Confrontation — Watch

Dog’s on the hunt for a fugitive once again and things get intense in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sept. 11 episode of ‘Dog’s Most Wanted.’

Duane “Dog” Chapman and the crew roll up to a house looking for a fugitive in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the all-new Dog’s Most Wanted. They come across a man named Rob, who says that the man they’re looking for “got scared” and “bailed.” Dog’s not just going to leave it at that. “You’re a f**king piece of sh*t liar,” Dog tells Rob. “And I got my wife out here with cancer. You f**king piece of sh*t liar.”

Rob gets defensive with Dog and says, “Hey Dog, le’s bounce. Any time you’re ready, Dog.” Dog walks away and starts calling Rob a “b*tch.” Rob retaliates by doing the same thing. Dog is really getting under this guy’s skin. Rob starts to get angry and shakes the outside of his house. Rob tries to clap back at Dog, but Dog just tells him to “shut up.”

“We tried to do you right, bruh,” Dog says. Rob wants Dog to leave, but Dog is not going anywhere. Rob starts to walk inside and Dog taunts him by saying, “What are you going to get? A gun, felon?”

Over the course of the season, Dog will be hunting down names from “Most Wanted” lists with his wife, the late Beth Chapman, and his fierce team of hunters that Dog calls “The Dirty Dozen.” He’ll be working side-by-side with law enforcement agencies and will go on a cross-country manhunt to track down his most wanted fugitives and bring them to justice.

The synopsis for the Sept. 11 episode reads: “With their fugitive still at large in Hawaii, Dog and the team enlist Kaleo’s childhood friend to help with the hunt.” Dog’s Most Wanted airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on WGN America.

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