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During Caroline Bedol’s swansong episode of Below Deck, she and chief stew Kate Chastain had an unconventional parting of ways. Bedol decided to leave My Seanna between charters after discussing how she felt with deckhand Ashton Pienaar.

She told Pienaar she felt as though Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter were nice to her face, but talked smack about her behind her back. Pienaar’s advice was to make the necessary changes for herself. So after announcing to the crew she was giving her two-day notice, Bedol’s situation changed dramatically the next day.

Bedol drops the bomb

She says, in front of the entire team, that Chastain and Carter “scapegoated her” and as a leader, Chastain could have shown her a little respect. Chastain looks completely over it, but Bedol says she’s not just going to sit back and take any abuse. She says she’s confused because she’s gotten positive feedback from Bedol in the past.

Chastain remains calm and professional during the meeting. She thanks Bedols for her time on the ship and for at least giving notice. In an off-camera interview, Chastain says, “This is shots fired. Her embarrassing spectacle, blaming Josiah and I has now unleashed my anger.”

Bedol suddenly changes her mind

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In the morning, the crew begins to clean and prepare the yacht. But Bedol is MIA. Carter pops his head into Bedol’s bunk to see if she’s ready to help. But she says she’s changed her mind about giving them two days and isn’t working. In an off-camera interview, Bedol says she had nightmares about Chastain and Carter the night before and couldn’t spend any more time with them. Carter seems flummoxed and when Bedol asks him to leave he politely walks out. But says sarcastically, “You’ve really put us in a good position.”

Chastain is at her wit’s end

When Carter relays to Chastain that Bedol refuses to work, Chastain says, “She is not a guest. She’s not paid to be here sleeping.”  She adds, in an off-camera interview, “I don’t know what else I could have done for Caroline. When she’s upset about her mother, I said don’t worry we’ve got you. When her ankle was hurt, rest up, we’ll take care of it.” She adds when Bedol had a sinus infection, “OK, Josiah and I will do it. This is adding insult to injury.”

And does this to get Bedol to leave

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Chastain is at her boiling point. But the way she conducted herself may be questionable. She tries to open Bedol’s cabin door, which is locked. She says she doesn’t know if locking the door is even legal. “Who gave this nutcase a lock?” Chastain ponders aloud. Chastain tells Bedol to be up and packing because she must be off the boat in one hour.

Bedol remains silent, which enrages Chastain. “Are you ever going to leave,” Chastain demands. Carter and Chastain find a Bluetooth speaker and place it outside Bedol’s door. “Let’s find the most wonderful eviction song ever,” Chastain says. “I’m glad you are leaving,” Chastain adds. Chastain and Carter laugh at the obnoxious music. Chastain says there’s a demon in the speaker to which Carter says, “There’s a demon in the room.”

While the music blasts outside Bedol’s door as the crew looks disturbed and uncomfortable. Finally, (new) bosun Ross Inia turns the speaker off.

But did she handle it professionally?

In an off-camera interview, Chef Adrian Martin says, “I think Kate has this thing where she kinda scares people, which I don’t’ agree with. Not cool.” Inia looks annoyed calling Carter an instigator. When Inia goes to turn off the speaker Carter tells him to stop. Bedol emerges from her room and Inia comforts her. “Caroline’s made her decision and that’s her decision,” Inia says in an off-camera interview. “Does it affect them too, of course, it does. But there’s no room for bullying. Plain and simple.”

Chastain and Carter appeared on Watch What Happens Live after the episode and host Andy Cohen questions the pair about Bedol’s departure. He wonders why Chastain put the speaker in front of Bedol’s door. Chastain says she could have opened the door and pressed pause. She adds quitting mid-season when they’ve pulled her weight was humiliating. The audience polled strongly in favor of Chastain and Carter too.

Captain Lee weighs in

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Captain Lee Rosbach, while stating his loyalty to Chastain blogged that blasting the music wasn’t a good idea.  “I don’t agree with the radio blasting into her quarters at all. I think there was a better way to go about it. Had Caroline conveyed to you that she was going to leave as soon as she had a chance to speak to me, I’m sure that whole thing with the music would have been avoided, but she didn’t do that.”

He adds, “That being said and from what I have observed in this and previous episodes, I now see what you have been dealing with and I understand your level of frustration. Wish I had known about all of it sooner, perhaps I could have helped alleviate some of the pressure for both of you.”

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