Daughter of This Morning guests stole the show during their interview

Two-year-old daughter of couple with world record height difference steals the show on This Morning as she wanders around the set and waves to her dad after spotting him on the monitor

  • Chloe and James Lusted were on This Morning to share their amazing story  
  • Welsh married couple hold Guinness World Record for biggest height difference
  • Their daughter Olivia, two, stole the show during their interview time on set 

The daughter of the couple who hold the Guinness World record for biggest height difference stole the show during their This Morning interview. 

James, 33, who is 3ft 7in and Chloe Lusted, 27 and  5ft 4in, from Wales, were invited on the show to share their amazing story after their received the title earlier this week.

Guinness World Records has revealed the couple have the greatest height differential of a married couple in the different sexes/taller woman category.

Actor and TV presenter James, who has a rare type of dwarfism known as Diastrophic Dysplasia, met Chloe through mutual friends at a local pub in 2012. 

But it is their daughter Olivia, two, who stole the show as she was seen playing on set, catching the attention of presenter Dermot O’Leary, who was hosting today’s show with Alison Hammond. 

Viewers swooned at the sweet family, and wished them well after their segment on the show. 

James, 33, who is 3ft 7in and Chloe Lusted, 27 and 5ft 4in, from Wales, were invited on This Morning to share their amazing story after they held the Guinness World record for biggest height difference, but their daughter Olivia, two, stole the show (pictured)

 Chloe who had previously been attracted to taller men, said she was apprehensive of what other people would think when the pair started dating, but soon got over her doubts. The couple with their Guinness World Records award

Viewers loved Chloe and James’ family and Olivia’s antics delighted many This Morning fans today

‘I have a feeling it’s all going to be Olivia,’ Dermot joked after the couple were introduced and their toddler daughter waved her hands at him repeatedly. 

‘How are you Olivi?’ the duo of presenters asked. 

The toddler started the segment sitting on her mother’s lap, but soon became interested in the cameras surrounding the set and got down for a wander.

She started walking around, and went to give a high five to Dermot before taking the set in, and returning to her mother.

Olivia, pictured, put on a lively display during her parents’ segment and charmed viewers, as well as host Dermot O’Leary

The toddler, pictured, was let loose on the set and caught the attention of Dermot, left, while her parents discussed their love story 

Meanwhile, James and Chloe tried their best to get their story across.  

James explained his type of Dwarfism, saying he was  born with ;Hitchiker thumbs and club feet.’

‘I have cartilage problems with my knees and my joints and shorter limbs. 

‘My mum and dad are of average height and when I was born and my brother was born, there was one in a million chance – for my dad, it’s a very rare condition.

The couple went on to discuss their love story.  

‘The day I carried Olympic torch in 2012 I’d already met Chloe. She was in the crowd with friend of friends. We had a thing back at the house. She caught me eye

‘It wasn’t instant, it took a little while before we ended up dating, if you like, and yeah, the rest is history,’ James said. 

The happy family charmed viewers. James and Chloe said Olivia didn’t know that James looked any different from other people 

James said the family, pictured, was ‘living the dream,’ and that ‘there is no height in love’ while Chloe admitted she was apprehensive when the pair started dating, but soon got over her fears of what other people would think 

James who has a rare type of dwarfism known as Diastrophic Dysplasia, is 3ft 7in, meanwhile his wife is 5ft 4in. Pictured: Couple at their wedding 

James Lusted, 33, and wife Chloe, 27, (pictured) who live in Wales, have the greatest height difference of any married couple according to Guinness World Records

Diastrophic Dysplasia: a rare form of Dwarfism affecting just 1.3 in 100,000 people

Diastrophic Dysplasia is a rare condition, which results in deformities and a short stature.

According to The Portal For Rare Diseases, the disorder affects males and females but has a prevalence of just 1-1.3 in 100,000 people. Those who have Diastrophic Dysplasia may often at birth have a clubfoot, short limb deformation of the wrists and abducted thumbs.

Deformations of joints can limit movement, however the severity of the condition varies. Despite the impact on quality of life, Diastrophic Dysplasia has a good life expectancy and surgical corrections can be beneficial. 

‘I think because he wasn’t my usual type you have that little bit of fear, I guess everyone has that little bit of fear of “what’s everyone going to think?” kinda thing, it’s just a natural instinct,’ Chloe said. 

‘As soon as you meet Jay, you forget about the height, it just goes into your memory and you just focus on him as a person and you fall in love with him,’ she added. 

The couple married in 2016, and a friend built James so he could be the same height as Chloe for their day.  

‘The wedding was amazing, all our friends and family were there, it was an amazing church, just an incredible day,’ James said. 

‘It was special, it’s what I wanted,’ Chloe agreed. 

The couple were approached by the Guinness World Record team before the pandemic to see if James and Chloe were indeed the record holder for biggest height difference in a married couple.  

‘We hold the record, which is incredible because I’ve always had the books at Christmas and love looking throug them, there are some very amazing unusual records, but to have one of them now..,’ James said. 

Chloe explained that the exact qualifier for the titled were ‘Married couple, different sex, woman taller.’

In spite of their difference of 1ft10in, Chloe and James it wasn’t an issue in their love story.  

James said holding his daughter and marrying Chloe are among the two best days of his life. Pictured: The family 

James, who has not handed diastrophic displasia down to his daughter, said he felt ‘ten feet tall’ when he found out that Chloe was expecting. Pictured: James with his daughter in 2019

‘There is no height in love and we love each other for who we are as people and we’re just living he dream, we got our beautiful little princess here,’ James said, talking about Olivia, who was walking along the set. 

‘She doesn’t know any different,'[ he added, ‘obviously, my mum and dad, Chloe’s mum and sisters and her dad, they’re obviously average height.

‘There will be a day where she realises that daddy is different and we’ll deal with that,’ he said 

He said his parents didn’t care about his dwarfism and had ‘cracked on’, while Chloe admitted her mother was apprehensive, but changed her mind when she met Olivia for the first time.   

James admits that he doubted whether he would ever get married while growing up and longed to be the same as everyone else. Pictured: James and Chloe

Chloe said she hopes their love story will teach others not to judge a book by its cover. Pictured: Chloe and James on their wedding day 

Viewers were touched by James and Chloe’s story, and said Olivia was an adorable toddler. 

‘What a gorgeous coupe. I wish them the very best for their future,’ one said. 

‘Olivia is so cute,’ said another. 

‘This is a nice story for Friday! Good luck to you both,’ one wrote. 

 ‘What a lovely couple! Olivia is adorable,’ one said. 

‘What a lovely heartwarming story,’ said another.  

Viewers were moved by the couple;s story and said how adorable their daughter Olivia seemed to be 

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