Dating expert: This is what to do if a love interest stops texting you

The real reason men ‘ghost’ after first date sex is revealed by controversial dating coach who explains exactly what to do if they stop texting you

  • Dating coach says to ‘move on’ if someone stops texting
  • He said ‘feminine men’ lose interest after sleeping with someone 

A controversial dating coach has shared his simple advice about what to do if someone you’re interested in stops messaging you. 

Relationship expert Jake Maddock said to simply ‘move on’ if a person you’ve slept with stops responding to messages. 

He also claimed ‘feminine men’ will lose interest in a woman if they are intimate with them on the first date. 

‘He has stopped texting me after we slept together, what do I do now?’ a follower asked Jake.  

‘What can you do? You can send a message, he doesn’t respond, move on,’ he answered.

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Dating coach Jake Maddock (pictured) has caused a stir for claiming only ‘feminine men’ lose interest in a woman after sleeping with her on a first date

In another video on his popular social media channels Jake, who is married, claimed ‘masculine men’ won’t lose interest in a woman after having sex with them on the first date. 

‘I’ve been told by many guys that if I’d actually slept with them on the first night, they would have never been interested after that,’ a fan commented on one of Jake’s videos.

‘A feminine man would think less of you, a masculine man would not,’ he replied. 

However, some viewers did not agree with Jake’s hot take with one calling his advice ‘rubbish’.  

‘100 per cent wrong. Guys tend to lose interest when they get the girl too easily,’ someone wrote. 

‘Sod that, they leave when they got what they wanted. I’m not buying a jumper without trying it on so that also stands for guys too,’ a second said. 

‘I don’t believe this is always true. It’s a generational thing,’ added a third. 

Jake also offered some simple advice to a follower who ask what she should do after her love interest had stopped replying to her messages: ‘Move on!’

‘Guys acting like a girl is low value for giving out on first date.. dude, you were there too!’ one woman said. 

‘Boys need to learn the difference between masculinity and a**hole,’ another quipped.

Others shares their stories and opinions on sleeping with someone on a first date. 

‘I think it just depends on the people 60 per cent of marriages come from one night stand so there’s something to it,’ one viewer responded. 

‘Sleeping together on the first night is just the first interview. Getting the call back and the second date, is congratulations, you’re now through to the second interview,’ another said. 

‘I slept with my husband on the first date and we have been together for 12 years and married for six of them,’ a woman explained. 

‘If they want you then they will commit, if they don’t then they won’t. If you choose to wait and they respect that cool. If they don’t then they are not for you. I don’t know why it’s an issue.’

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