Dating coach: The 10 signs it's time to leave your relationship

Dating coach reveals the top ten signs your relationship is over: ‘If you aren’t getting intimate it’s time to leave’

  • Jake Maddock shared relationship red flags 
  • Says being able to live without someone is a reason to leave 

A controversial dating coach has revealed not wanting to have sex with your partner is one of the top ten ‘red flags’ for a relationship.

Self-described relationship expert Jake Maddock says  bad communication, a lack of chemistry and different life goals are among are key signs you should end things.

He also claimed that a ‘general lack of effort’ and ‘not being able to meet your needs’ are also among the reasons you should bring things to an end.

‘A lot of you guys are missing the red flags,’ Jake, who is married, explained in a video.

Explaining the first reason to break things off, Jake said to end things with a partner if ‘he’s a really bad communicator’.

‘No matter how hard you try communication is just not working. That’s a big red flag.  He can’t maintain that for 20 years. It’s time to go,’ Jake said.

Next, Jake explains that a lack of chemistry, or ‘puzzle pieces not fitting together’ is another reason to end a romance.

 ‘If the pieces don’t fit, they don’t fit,  get out of there,’ he explained.

Thirdly, Jake bemoans a ‘general lack of effort’ from men in relationships.

Relationship expert Jake Maddock said that bad communication, a lack of chemistry and different life goals are among the ten signs you should end things with your significant other

‘If someone doesn’t want to put in the effort to really get the relationship on track and put some effort in the relationship because they care about you, you can’t force them,’ he explained.

‘They’re not your slave. It’s time to get out of there.’.

Ten reasons to leave your relationship  

1. If they can live without you

2.  They don’t care about protecting your relationship

3. You’re not improving together

4. Your ambition doesn’t match

5.  Your partner lacks integrity

6.  They’re not able to do the job

7.  You have different life goals

8. Lack of effort in the relationship

9. Lack of chemistry

10. Bad communication

The expert also explained that differing life goals can be a huge problem.     

‘If you want to have babies and your partner doesn’t want to have babies, this is a big thing.’

He added that ‘just not being able to do the job’ was another reason to leave.  

‘You’ve got to figure out what you exactly need. 

‘Okay, say you need someone who’s home every night. You’re not gonna go well with a guy who flies in and flies out and works away from home you only see them once a month. 

‘It’s just not gonna work’

Another reason to leave a relationship is if your partner ‘lack integrity’, while the sixth is a ‘lack of ambition’.

‘If you’re really ambitious, you have a tonne of goals, you’re a real go getter. You can’t be with someone who’s the opposite,’ he went on. 

Jake also explained that those in a ‘healthy relationship’ continually improve, while those in toxic ones ‘get worse’.

He added that another ‘pretty bad’ red flag is someone who ‘doesn’t care for protecting your relationship’.

‘If they’re hanging out with best friends and exes and all these people who they claim don’t need to worry about. 

‘They’re not protecting the relationship and that’s a pretty bad sign. 

‘It’s a setting up for failure.’

The number one reason to leave someone is if they ‘can live without you’ Jake says

Finally, Jake explained that the number one reason to leave someone is if they ‘can live without you’.  

‘I know that sounds really weird, but if someone can live without you and they don’t need to be with you, they are not your ideal partner,’ he said.

‘As weird as that sounds, your ideal partner will need to be with you. They will just have that deep desire that deep urge I got I got to be with that person. 

‘They’ll think “they’re absolutely incredible. I have to be with them”. 

‘If they don’t have to be with you. They’re not the one’.

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