Daredevil jumps out of plane at 13,000ft riding inflatable pool ring

Leap of faith! Moment daredevil jumps out of a plane at 13,000ft riding an inflatable pool ring

  • Robin Moore from Miami Beach, Florida, jumped from a plane on a rubber ring
  • Wearing just a hoodie, shorts and cowboy boots she was flanked by two friends
  • Her fellow skydivers stayed with her for balance until around 7,000 ft
  • Robin has a history of jumping out of planes while sitting on inflatable objects 

A daredevil skydiver threw herself out of a plane from 13,000ft while sat in an inflatable pool ring in this incredible.

Robin Moore, an ER physician from Miami Beach, Florida, went skydiving with fellow daredevil Jimmy Huftles, 22, who filmed her jump on October 17th at River Ranch, Flordia.

Wearing a hoodie, shorts and cowboy boots, Robin was pushed out of an aircraft while sitting in a rubber ring.

Robin Moore, an ER physician from Miami Beach, Florida, jumped out of a plane on October 17 while sat in a rubber ring

The ER physician has a massive grin on her face as she plummets from 13,000ft in the air

Two fellow skydivers jumped out with her and grabbed hold of either side of the ring to steady it as she began to fall.

Pure ecstasy could be seen on Robin’s face who seemed to enjoy every second of the descent. 

After the jump Robin said: ‘This was a thrilling jump as I chose to do it “cowgirl style”.

‘I did have a cowgirl hat, but it was swept off my head immediately on exiting the plane. But the “Daisy Dukes” and cowgirl boots still made it a fun rodeo ride!

Two fellow skydivers grab hold of the rubber ring at the start of the descent to help keep it steady

Kick back! Robin looks care-free as she lounges in the pool ring with one leg held up in the air

‘Floating on air and clouds thousands of feet in the sky! Wind in my hair! I giggled and yelled the whole way down!’

Robin said she floated in the sky on her rubber ring for thousands of feet before her two companions let go, at roughly 7,000ft above the ground.  

This isn’t the first time Robin has jumped out of a plane on an inflatable though.

‘I have jumped out of planes on inflatables before and I find it an extra skydiving challenge to not only balance your body, but to manage the balance of a fun prop as well.’

Robin freefalls for around 6,000ft while sat on her rubber ring. It’s not the first time she has ridden an inflatable object while jumping out of a plane

At around 7,000ft the two skydivers either side of the ring let go so that Robin can complete the drop on her own

When asked about Robin’s jump, Jimmy said: ‘I heard of other skydivers doing raft jumps before. We had a raft, we had an airplane, therefore we had a good time!

‘Every second I spend in freefall is pure bliss and gets better and better each jump! 800 and counting!’

‘It fills me full of love and joy, time to pack my parachute and get back into the sky!’

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