Daily horoscope for November 20: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Wednesday, November 20 is capable of creating possible misunderstandings and mistakes – so be careful. This is because the middle of the week finally sees the planet Mercury turn direct in your horoscope.

People often complain how Mercury Retrograde is a tough time and cannot wait for the cosmos to return to normal.

Bear in mind, Mercury is stationary today

MarStars Astrology’s Marina Stoichkova

Advocates of astrology sense this two week period can be intense and experience some kind of challenges.

Technological issues can occur and miscommunication is also a common issue.

This all explains why the past fortnight has been so unpredictable for some.

Many people have also reportedly experienced the darker side of Mercury in Scorpio.

People reported more fears unexpectedly reappearing from their past.

Consequently this was one of the more challenging Mercury Retrograde transits – most likely because of the Scorpio influence.

But Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars Astrology, believes you can expect your life to return to normal, after today.

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However, she warns: “But bear in mind, Mercury is stationary.

“So exhibit caution and watch out for mistakes and misunderstandings on Wednesday.

“From now on you can sign new contracts with confidence, start new projects and completely trust communication again.”

Red Planet Mars is experiencing a minor challenging aspect on Wednesday.

The MarStars Astrology expert thinks this Square and a Half can also bring complications with it.

She said: “This combination with planet Neptune can bring a blurry fog, meaning you may not really know what you are supposed to do.

“Or you may want to do something but the outcome is completely different to what you expected.”

And these are only some of the outcomes this tricky aspect can bring.

Laziness and a lack of desire to step-up and be proactive are another two characteristics of this Semi-Square.

Thankfully the Moon will be in Virgo, allowing people to feel more grounded.

You can feel more practical and deflect the Neptune complications.

However, Ms Stoichkova warns the Virgo influence places even more focus on Mercury – the planet’s ruler.

She said: “Mercury stationary, the Mars Square and the Virgo Moon all mean you should avoid attempting the hardest tasks of the week this Wednesday.”

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