Daily horoscope for January 30: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Saturday’s horoscope finally receives Mercury in Aquarius as it stations in Retrograde at long last. Scientifically speaking, Mercury Retrograde is an “apparent retrograde motion” of the planet.

This provides gives the optical illusion, from Earth’s perspective, that Mercury is travelling backwards in relation to the zodiac.

Astrologers suggest this first Retrograde motion of the year may result in you reaching your outer limits.

There is an idea in the air that you have been stretched to your very limits.

As a result, the start of another well-earned weekend may mean you are presented with an opportunity to bring something back – before it is too late.

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And so your journey begins, tracing your steps backwards, straight back to the spot where can began to lose control.

That occurred less than two weeks ago – when Mercury first entered uncertain ground.

However, it is only now you finally appreciate the importance of conducting a full revaluation of any key decisions made since then.

The best bet is, therefore, to retrace your steps before the going gets too tricky to make any discernible headway.

Messenger planet Mercury goes rogue in this manner three times in 2021, with Saturday the first stop of the year.

Mercury is currently a resident in Aquarius and the communicative body will remain her throughout its retrograde motion until Saturday, February 21.

This point in your life is commonly considered as good a place as any to pause, take a deep breath and perhaps backtrack.

Things have gotten too far out of hand and you may need to apply the cold light of reason to beat your affairs back into shape.

Fortunately, this what Mercury Retrograde is able to offer you, starting from today.

The Moon moves from Leo to Virgo, giving you an eye for detail, which is just what you need right now.

The Leo Moon travels merrily along its way, not thinking of much until it reaches star sign Virgo.

The consensus among the astrologically-inclined is you have reached a moment to examine life’s more profound questions.

These will all obviously require great attention, meaning you had best get started.

Earth’s celestial orb winks with ringed jewel Saturn and the rogue asteroid Chiron, but they are found pointing their finger right back at you.

This has been interpreted by some to mean a most delicate matter is awaiting your solution.

Uranus in Taurus brings up the rear of today’s parade, with the evening promising considerable excitement.

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