Daily horoscope for February 2: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Tuesday’s horoscope mainly concerns our Moon’s residency in star sign Libra. Astrologers agree this can kick-off your week on a positive note, as good things are almost-certainly in store.

These can range from romantic encounters, rebuilt relationships, and rewarding negotiations.

As a result, you can generally expect to find solutions and make compromises in even the trickiest of situations.

However, make sure you are fully aware how any benefits can be reaped only as long as there is a willingness on both sides.

The root responsible for all this good energy is laid at the door of Libra this Tuesday.

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The influence of the scales mean there may never be a better time to properly weigh-up life’s pros and cons.

The super-charged ability to balance-out affairs can allow you to find a suitable compromise.

And as an added bonus, Libra is also commonly viewed as the most political sign.

This is because Libra is perceived as promising for diplomacy, meaning you can judge different points of view with clarity.

But the main downside with this involves Libra’s somewhat annoying urge to stick its nose into other people’s business.

So the best bet this Tuesday is to just reach out and be patient.

By placing yourself in the power of Libra, you see where you stand with respect to that special someone.

Then, as the day starts to hit its stride, you should have some good luck on your side.

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This is usually attributed to Earth’s natural satellite harmonising with Jupiter, the Sun and the Lunar Nodes.

This trio of encounters can be interpreted as meaning you have got fair winds pushing you course to success

The consensus among the astrologically inclined is this is exactly what is required to reach your destination.

The Moon is in Libra so maybe it is time to meet someone half way.

Tuesday’s final headline aspect involves a Trine made between the Moon and lucky Jupiter in Aquarius.

Astrologers broadly recognise a Trine as a pair of planets positioned roughly 120 degrees apart.

The Sun is next up and that is almost guaranteed to give us all the green light in life.

And with the Lunar Nodes also enjoying some action, there is an almost palpable sense you are on the right track.

And you can finally expect a proactive end to the day, as Pluto in Capricorn is next up, paving the way for you to achieve a great ahead-start to Wednesday.

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