Covid cases rise AGAIN – in first sign immunity in over-60s could be waning, expert warns

COVID cases have risen again, in the first sign immunity for over-60s could be warning.

Experts have warned infections in that age group have increased, indicating booster shots planned for next month are coming at the right time.

Yorkshire and The Humber are seeing the highest daily cases at the moment, according to the ZOE Covid Study app.

London is a close second, with 796-1,011 daily cases per million people.

Professor Tim Spector, lead scientist, said: "The decrease in cases that we saw last week appears to have faltered over the last few days, and we’re seeing signs of an uptick.

"The current picture reflects some level of normal life returning to the UK.

"As a result we have lots of young and old people mixing again at large gatherings like weddings, which still carries risk with high case numbers and varying vaccination statuses between generations.

"We’ve recently observed a slight increase in cases in the over 60s who were vaccinated some time ago.

"This could be due to waning immunity and we’re keeping a close eye on the performance of vaccines over time.

"The key to reducing spread is to stay at home if you have symptoms, however mild and whatever your age."

The study, which uses data logged each day by Brits, found there are currently 45,911 new daily cases of Covid in the UK.

This is a slight fall from 46,905 last week – which suggests the rate of decline has slowed.

And yesterday we told how infections are rising in 186 areas across the country – with 59 per cent of UK spots seeing an increase.

Data indicates there are more cases in fully vaccinated people, but that is because the number of double jabbed people outweighs those who are partially vaccinated or not at all.

Professor Spector added: "It’s too early to say if this is a start of another steep increase like the one we saw in July.

"While it’s reassuring to see loosened restrictions haven’t caused cases to sky rocket, it’s more difficult to predict the future.


"Cases remain relatively low in the fully vaccinated group, which is a sign that vaccines are working and keeping the spread at bay."

It comes as Covid booster shots and flu jabs are set to be offered to priority groups from next month, the Health Secretary revealed this week.

Sajid Javid confirmed on Monday he expected the rollout to begin in September – to protect the vulnerable ahead of winter.

The campaign would work in two stages, with over-70s, care home residents, extremely vulnerable people and health and care workers up first.

Then all over-50s and under-50s with long-term health problems would get the offer as soon as possible. 

From Monday double-jabbed Brits will finally be free from the 'pingdemic'.

Self-isolation rules are being scrapped for people alerted by the NHS Covid app when they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

Adults and children will be free to return to work, attend school, and meet friends and family as the protection from vaccines replaces the need for contact isolation.

Instead, people are advised to get a free PCR test as soon as possible, but this will not be a legal requirement.

People can order a home test online or by calling 119, or going to a test site.

Anyone who tests positive following the PCR test will still be legally required to self-isolate, irrespective of their vaccination status or age.

And even after a negative test, people will be encouraged to wear a face mask in enclosed spaces and limited their contact with others.

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