Couple find Molly Shannon’s phone in a taxi

Molly Shannon found a couple superstars who kindly returned her missing cellphone after “The Other Two” actress lost it in the back of an NYC taxi.

The lucky pair, who told the story on TikTok, explained they were on their way home from New York Comic Con when they found a phone in their cab.

“A phone starts ringing in the back of the cab,” the man, Vincent Zurzolo, recalled. “We get a phone call from somebody who’s very nervous that they lost their phone, and look whose phone it is…”

Shannon, known for her quirky school girl character Mary Katherine Gallagher, popped into the TikTok frame, doing her famous “Superstar” tag line.

“This has never happened to me because I am very reliable with my phone,” she explained. “But it must have spilt out of my purse. And I was panicked. I got back to my hotel and did the ‘Find My iPhone’ and seeing my phone on 33rd Street, I’m like ‘I am never going to get it back.’”

The “White Lotus” star added that the hotel called her number and Shannon, 57, was able to meet the couple.

“I said, it’s very serendipitous that we all meet so there must be a reason for it,” she said.

Zurzolo — whose Twitter bio lists him as the COO of Metropolis Comics — jokingly responded, “I let her know we are swingers and she is staying the night.” 

Shannon, who was recently seen visiting John Mulaney’s ex-wife, Anna Marie Tendler, at her Los Angeles art exhibit, will next appear in the Zach Braff movie “A Good Person” with Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman.

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