Cool down your dog in summer with these heatwave-friendly pet products

Worried about how your dog will handle the heat?

It’s important to make sure your four-legged friends aren’t suffering as temperatures creep up again this week.

We’ve already explained how to keep dogs cool at home, but what about when you’re out and about?

To find out, Alice Smellie and her cocker spaniels, Bumble and Skye, tested the best kit to stop overheating.

Vapur EZ Lick portable dog water bottle

Whenever I have the energy I take the dogs running across the fields and down the country lanes — and they get very thirsty in summer, when there aren’t puddles from which to gulp.

This portable and foldable blue bottle has a lick-activated ‘pup cap’, which is rather like the leak-proof round ball of a deodorant bottle.

It takes seconds for the dogs to work it out and is an absolute winner, although they are messy drinkers. I wouldn’t use it on a carpet.

Buy it for £22.96 from Whitby & Co

Wilko Chillax cooling pet mat

Activated by the weight of the dog, this light and soft mat maintains a temperature lower than the ambient air for three or four hours of constant use. It feels cool to the touch but initially the dogs are wary.

They tend to seek warm resting places. However, I persuade Skye to have a lie down after a play in the morning sun and she settles down happily.

Buy it for £8 from Wilko

Chill Out ice bandana

Perfect if they’ve overheated in the garden. Soak this easy-to-use bandana in cold water and fasten around your dog’s neck using the Velcro strip. Provides instant cooling on hot days. The dogs are quite cheerful about having it put on and it stays nice and icy for some time.

Buy it for £6.98 from Animed Direct

Rosewood Chillax cool bone

This blue bone goes in the freezer and provides both entertainment (chewing is a top dog activity) and cooling down at the same time.

Bumble and Skye prefer eating socks and remote controls for fun, tending to bury bone-shaped offerings but they are charmed by this and gnaw happily.

Also great for teething pups.

Buy it for £6 from Pets At Home

Le Chameau portable dog bowl

Surely the swankiest ever accompaniment to a dog walk?

Le Chameau, famous for its upmarket wellies, now does a lightweight and collapsible dog bowl, which is portable and fast drying.

Bumble and Skye are indifferent to designer names but they very happily use the blue bowl halfway through a long August evening walk.

Buy it for £15 from Le Chameau

Jude’s ice cream for dogs

I’m not sure how discerning dogs are as food reviewers — Bumble and Skye happily eat sheep, fox and horse dung.

However, I know they enjoy ice cream as whenever I eat a Magnum they sit watching me, doing ‘starving’ eyes.

In partnership with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Jude’s has created a strawberry, apple and banana ice cream — 5% of sales goes to the home. I am unsurprised to report that the dogs eagerly wolf down the lot. They are undoubtedly cooler and certainly happier.

Buy it for £1.50 from Ocado

Amazon Basics elevated pet bed

The idea behind this breathable off-the-ground bed is that a cool draft wafts around your overheated hound. It’s also easy to assemble.

I put it outside in the shade for a double whammy of soothing air and Skye — although initially suspicious (as she is of all things new) — leaps on instantly and falls asleep.

Buy it for £22.31 from Amazon

All For Paws garden water fountain

A fantastic and easy to use (for humans) little gadget, which connects to the garden hose.

The idea is that your dog presses down on a pedal, which then releases a little fountain of water.

In reality, although the dogs were quite happy to mess around with the water, the only sentient being doing any pressing down was me. Needs time for training!

Buy it for £18.79 from Animed Direct

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