Chrissy Teigen Has a Special Pint of Ice Cream Named After Her

She screams for ice cream! Chrissy Teigen has her own ice cream flavor, but she’s not ready to share it with her family just yet.

“My absolute favorite ice cream place @saltandstraw made me a single pint of rice krispy treat ice cream and I have a household of 8 people who I know have to moderate spoonfuls for,” Teigen, 34, tweeted on Thursday, December 5.

Alongside the tweet, the model shared a picture of the infamous pint, which is aptly called, “Rice Chrissys.”

After the mother of two gave Salt and Straw a shout out on social media, they replied telling her that “you better shake down whoever delivered” because they would never send her just one pint. “That’s not how we roll,” they explained.

The Utah native later discovered that there was supposed to have five pints of the special edition flavor coming her way, to which she said, “I have been taking single half bites for 40 hours now.”

She followed up her original tweet minutes later with an ice cream breakthrough saying, “Oh my god you’re right, there are more I think my family lied to me.”

Ice cream might’ve been Teigen’s go-to treat on Thursday, but on Wednesday, December 4, the Lip Sync Battle co-host turned to a very different sort of food for comfort … eggs!

“I had a husband before The Voice. Now (if he does come home) I get to hear about how he thinks he is ‘good for next week,’” the Cravings author said in a series of tweets on Wednesday before revealing she had dinner with “my dog’s ass and Bravo.”

After explaining that she missed her husband, John Legend, who she’s been married to for more than six years, she admitted he’s been replaced with hardboiled eggs.

“I bring up two peeled eggs with me since I wake up so hungry in the night,” she tweeted before posting a picture of her bed and a bowl of eggs in Legend’s spot. “There used to be a person here. Now it’s just eggs.”

The Bring the Funny judge recently opened up about her “guilty pleasure food” on her new Cravings website in November.

“I like to dip pork rinds into spicy shrimp paste for some sort of Asian street tough surf and turf,” she explained. The habit is pretty normal, but Teigen’s alcohol-related guilty pleasure is more out there. “I also don’t like the taste of alcohol so I will grab the anything, anything near me to chase it with, even after one sip,” she added.

If you’re asking what “anything” includes, the TV personality clarified saying, “pepperoncini, blueberries, soda, ham, anything.”

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