Celebrity astrologer reveals your style according to your star sign

From sexy and seductive Scorpio to eternally chic Capricorn: Celebrity astrologer reveals your ultimate style according to your star sign

  • FEMAIL’s resident astrologer Kelli Fox revealed the perfect style for each sign
  • Adventure seeking Aries loves loose fitting material in right, bold colours
  • Gemini tells a story with her wardrobe while Leo dresses to impress every day 
  • Libra feels most comfortable in feminine florals and Scorpio always opts for sexy 

With the final countdown to the Australian summer in full swing, women across the country are switching up their wardrobe and accessories to embrace warmer weather.

To help with this seasonal sartorial adjustment, FEMAIL’s resident astrologer Kelli Fox revealed the stereotypical style for every star sign.

From simplistic yet stand-out Aries to seductive, sensual Scorpio, these are the go-to clothing, makeup and accessories for each element of the zodiac.

Athletic and adventure-loving Aries like tennis star Maria Sharapova (pictured) prefer comfortable, versatile fabrics that sit loose on the body

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 19) – SPORTY  

According to Ms Fox, Aries doesn’t like to be trapped by her clothing.

‘Anything too stiff, too tight or too embellished is not going on Aries’ body,’ she said.

‘Always on the go, Aries likes bold, bright colors and fabrics that are comfortable and versatile. Jewel tones are great, but primary colours and black and white are her favourites. 

‘Aries loves bold patterns like thick stripes and polka dots which make her stand out from the crowd.

‘Even for occasion wear, her clothing is simplistic in design. She doesn’t need much in the way of jewellery other than some earrings, while a statement lipstick is every Aries’ signature makeup look.’

What brand you should wear: Tommy Hilfiger

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Taurus seeks quality, comfort and classic styles. 

‘The Bull prefers an understated, natural look that is feminine but not overtly girlish. 

‘She likes styles which never go out of fashion, withstanding ever-changing trends and fads, and Taurus never changes her hair, body or face too dramatically from their natural appearance.

‘Taurus looks good precisely because they don’t set out to impress. She opts for well-made, well-fitting and sustainable materials even if they cost considerably more than the fast-fashion alternative because to Taurus, quality reigns supreme.’

And when it comes to makeup, Ms Fox revealed Taurus chooses dramatic eyes or lips, never both, and is always careful to maintain a subtly with accessories.

What brand you should wear: Maje

Taurus women like Jessica Alba crave class, comfort and quality in their clothing


Ever the information hoarder, Gemini knows all the trends inside and out – after all, great style creates a narrative with your clothing choices. 

‘Gemini has a wardrobe that reads like a newspaper, with a new story front and centre every day,’ Ms Fox said.

‘As someone who knows all the bands, all the magazines and all the ‘cool’ things before anyone else, Gemini is partial to graphic t-shirts which scream effortless chic.

‘Her go-to look is smart, sassy and slightly mysterious, jazzed up with quirky embellishments like buttons, vintage jewellery and anything that makes people stop,m look and best of all, start a conversation.’

What brand you should wear: The Kooples

Hipster Gemini knows all the bands, all the magazines and all the ‘cool’ things before anyone else, just like supermodel Naomi Campbell (pictured) who was born under the sign of the twin


If anyone is going to wear the scarf you knitted as a school project, it’s Cancer. 

Cancer loves handmade, thoughtfully created pieces, and may go so far as to sew her own clothes. 

‘Vintage clothing, antique jewellery and heirloom accessories are things she wears with pride. She would buy her entire wardrobe from eBay and designer re-sellers if she had her way, and once she’s found a style she likes, she will stick to it for years.

‘Cancer loves things from the past, especially the styles that were popular when she was a little girl. 

‘She may also be drawn to clothing that is a throwback to a bygone era she fantasises about, like decades of old when she thinks women really dressed like women.

What brand you should wear: Self Portrait

Vintage clothing, antique jewelry and heirloom accessories are all things Cancer’s like Margot Robbie (pictured) wear with pride


Limelight loving Leo loves attention, especially when they’re at the centre of it.

According to Ms Fox, she tends to have two default looks: brazen and basic. This is because while Leo loves to be praised, she fears humiliation and embarrassment even more accutely.

‘Still, even when she’s basic, Leo still has an extra ‘oomph’. She’s more tanned, more toned, more contoured and more sparkly than everyone else in the pride, and when she’s feeling confident, she marches to the beat of her own drum.

‘Her hair is always perfect and can be reminiscent of a Lion’s mane. Her jewellery is as unique as it bold.

‘In fact, Leo dresses as if she’s about to have her portrait painted at all times, or in case she stumbles upon the perfect opportunity for a glamorous selfie that will garner the social media likes she craves.’

What brand you should wear: Zimmerman

Leo’s like Kylie Jenner (pictured) dress as if they are about to have their portrait painted at all times


Intellectual Virgo is an understated kind of lady who doesn’t need to stand out to be seen.

‘She doesn’t necessarily need to stand out and be seen. In fact, she’d rather not be noticed for the way her clothes look, but instead for the quality and effort she puts into other things.

‘She may seem as if she wears a uniform, choosing simple, modest, professional and smart clothes in muted tones and sensible shoes. 

‘She actually knows the difference between business casual, smart casual, business and formal. 

‘Her clothes are meant to cover her body and keep it warm, not outshine her or get in her way. Moreover, they should identify her as the kind of intelligent, hardworking person she is.’

Most importantly for Virgo, they should be clean and tidy – nothing fussy, nothing that stains easily and nothing that requires constant attention lest she risk a wardrobe malfunction.

What brand you should wear: Sandro Paris

Intellectual Virgo’s like Blake Lively (pictured) are understated ladies who don’t need to stand out to be seen


Libra is a feminine lady who feels her best when she attracts and charms others.

‘Libra likes dresses, heels and skirts, while floral patterns and pastel colours make her glow. 

‘However, she may have a difficult time figuring out what to wear and thus looks to others for advice, something she does in all aspects of her life because of her natural indecision. 

‘This sign may have a closet full of clothes she doesn’t wear because she couldn’t choose just one dress or sweater, so she has one in every colour. 

‘She either skips jewelry or wears a lot of it, goes makeup free or sports a fully painted face as if she’s doing a shoot for a magazine cover. 

‘But Libra still looks perfectly natural either way. Even if she were wearing a burlap sack, she would find accessorise in such a way to make it look good.’

What brand you should wear: Bec and Bridge

Feminine Libra’s like Bella Hadid (pictured) love heels, girly dresses and embellished accessories


Even among Scorpios who don’t lay it on thick, they carry an air of overt sexiness which means even in a sweat-suit, they’re still seductive. 

‘There is something sexy about her clothing, whether it’s the height of her skirt, the plunge of the neckline or the way her hair frames her jawline. 

‘Scorpio’s fashion sense is sensual and alluring, while the dark Gothic is a long time favourite look of this intense sign who has been known to rock deep lipstick and fierce eyebrows at the office.

‘She can pull off an all-black look without looking ghoulish. That little black dress we all have? She has a dozen of them, and she can rock those sky-high stilettos we’re a little too afraid to wear.’

What brand you should wear: Danielle Guizio

Scorpio’s like supermodel Kendall Jenner (left and right) carry an air of overt sexiness which means even in a sweat-suit, they’re still seductive


Sagittarius doesn’t wear anything which restricts her movement or requires extensive care.

‘If you wouldn’t wear it on a transatlantic flight, she wouldn’t wear it either, for any season or for any other reason. 

‘Sagittarius is a little clumsy, so high heels aren’t her thing and she doesn’t own anything that stains easily, needs ironing or dry cleaning.

‘Because of this, she tends to favour clothes designed to withstand wear and tear like cargo pants and hiking boots which make people regard her as the tomboy of the zodiac. 

‘As a lover of other cultures, she may spice up her look with foreign and exotic clothing and accessories from places she’s visited or wants to go, particularly if the attire is a derivative of traditional or native costumes.’

What brand you should wear: I.AM.GIA

Sagittarius’ like Taylor Swift (pictured) are a little clumsy, so high heels aren’t their thing and they prefer not to own anything that stains easily, needs ironing or dry cleaning


Capricorn dresses for the job she wants, not the job she has – even if she’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, she’s dressing like the CEO of multi-billion dollar company. 

According to Ms Fox, she looks natural in business attire and feels comfortable in a well-tailored, classic suit. 

‘Pinstripes were made for Capricorn – with her hair neat and off her face, her makeup subtle, pearls and patent leather pumps, her clothes tell the world she’s going places. 

‘In fact, she may be unable to work if she feels unkempt or under dressed. She knows quality and wears quality, but she’s not a label snob and would never be a walking billboard by wearing a brand name.

However, some earthier Capricorns are happiest in overalls and work boots, especially if they work with their hands. For these types, dress doesn’t matter as long as what they produce is of quality and substance.

What brand you should wear: Sheike

Capricorn knows quality and wears quality, but she’s not a label snob and would never be a walking billboard by wearing a brand name, just like British Capricorn model Sienna Miller (pictured)


Individual Aquarius has a style all her own. 

‘She may look like a rock star or she may not even wear women’s clothing, covered instead in piercings, tattoos and gender fluid garments. 

‘Aquarius is known to invest heavily in her own unique style, not caring about her physical body, just wearing whatever feels comfortable no matter what it looks like.

‘Her looks are either a playground or a way to bend and break the rules of how a person is expected to look.

‘For Aquarius, who she is on the inside is more important than what she looks like on the outside.’

What brand you should wear: Camilla by Camilla Franks

Bohemian Aquarius’ like Latin American superstar Shakira (pictured) invest heavily in their own unique style and wear whatever feels comfortable no matter what it looks like

Pisces is a style chameleon, who’s sartorial expression is a representation of her spiritual and artistic side (like Pisces star Rihanna, pictured)

PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) – ECLECTIC       

Pisces generally has two modes of style: wearing what everyone else does in order to blend in, and dressing as the person they wish they could be. 

‘She is a chameleon, but despite her love for clothing Pisces may be too shy to express herself through fashion. 

‘For the more extroverted fish, her style is an expression of her spiritual and artistic side filled with water colour prints, soft and cool colours, flowing fabric  and fringes that conceal and make her appear otherworldly.

‘Her jewelry usually has personal or spiritual significance, while the statement part of her look is almost always her shoes. Pisces is naturally sensitive, so tags, synthetic fibers and seams bothers her.’

What brand you should wear: Free People 

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