Canned wine is the next big drinks trend for 2019

Chardonnay in a can, anyone? Experts predict tinned wine is the next big drinks trend for 2019 – fuelled by millennials who want to save the planet and drink less

  • Experts think we’ll all be drinking cans of wine next year 
  • Glass bottles are recyclable but fewer cans end up in landfill 
  • Cans are easier to carry and can be taken to parks and festivals 
  • They’ll also help if you’re looking to moderate your drinking

Cocktails and G&T in a can have helped revamp the image of the humble ‘tinny’, and now wine is the latest beverage set to take its place in the fridge next to cans of lager. 

According to Forbes, wine in a can is set to be a huge trend for 2019 thanks to being easily transported and consumed for occasions such as festivals and picnics. 

But aside from convenience, experts predict that millennials consumers who are eager to cut down on waste – not to mention binge drinking – will fuel demand.  

Even though glass is recyclable, rates are higher for cans with more bottles ending up in landfill every year. 

What’s more, cans hold a glass or two of wine which makes it easier to enjoy a drink in moderation rather than cracking open a whole bottle and being tempted to finish it. 

Experts think millennials will love the growing trend for canned wine because it’s easy to carry and good for the environment. Pictured: Canned wine from supermarket Waitrose

The next big drinks trend for 2019 is canned wine, which is more environmentally friendly than the traditional glass bottles wine comes in. Pictured: Canned wine from Oregon-based Union Wine Co.

WineSociety company co-founder and CEO Angela Allison told Forbes: ‘The new, modern generation is wanting to purchase wine and perceive wine with practicality, simplicity, and convenience and great quality.

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‘Thirty percent of craft beer is now sold in cans, and we anticipate wine to follow in the footsteps of craft beer.’

Wine snobs shouldn’t hate cans either as wine will probably last longer than in bottles, because it’s sealed and away from light and air.

Union Wine Co. (pictured) wants its potential customers to rethink the snobbery about wine and enjoy it for themselves

Most cans hold a glass or two of wine inside. File photo

The fad is taking off in America, with convenience store 7-Eleven launching its first canned wine.

According to market research firm BW 166, sales grew 43 per cent in the US from June 2017 to June 2018, and a similar effect is being felt in the UK. 

Waitrose launched a premium organic Shiraz and a rosé from France in can holding one large glass each for Summer 2018. 

And the fashionistas’ favourite shop, Selfridges also sells an English canned wine. 

Recycling experts Resource Recycling Systems recently reported that aluminium cans are the most recycled drinks container in the world. 

Their research showed the global recycling rate for cans stands at 69 per cent, compared with glass at 46 per cent and plastic bottles at just 43 per cent. 

Cans also have a smaller transport carbon footprint than glass thanks to their smaller, lighter, format. 




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