Can YOU spot the bag among the gadgets?

Can YOU spot the odd one out? Tricky puzzle challenges players to find the single shopping bag lurking in a sea of gadgets

  • A puzzle devised by My Favourite Voucher Codes asks players to spot the bag
  • The shopping bag is hidden among laptops, tablets and mobile phones 
  • Players take between six seconds and five minutes to solve the puzzle 

It is less than two weeks until Black Friday where shoppers will scramble to bag a bargain in stores –  and finding this bag might prove less stressful.

A new puzzle is challenging the web to spot the shopping bag hidden in a sea of high tech gadgets ahead of the sales event next week.

Devised by My Favourite Voucher Codes the tricky brainteaser features dozens of laptops, tablets and mobile phones but just one paper bag.

And with all the items in the same grey and blue shades the hidden item is almost impossible to spot.

According to the puzzle’s creator the record for finding the bag is just six seconds, but it can take players up to five minutes to spot. 

So how quickly can you find the missing bag?

Scroll down for reveal…

A new puzzle is challenging the web to spot the shopping bag among the tech gadgets in this image with it taking players between six seconds and five minutes to spot 

Sharp-eyed players should be able to spot the item towards the centre left of the image with the handles acting as a giveaway.

This is just the latest in a long line of brainteaser to leave netizens scratching their heads.

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Earlier this year a brain teaser inspired by the ever increasing dominance of technology in our lives is the latest challenge to gain attention on social media. 

London-based educational poster company Edu Prints Plus has shared a black and white drawing of a pile of gadgets on its Facebook page, challenging followers to spot the hidden book in under 20 seconds.

Sharp-eyed players should be able to spot the item towards the centre left of the image with the handles acting as a giveaway

Over 2,000 people have already put their perception skills to the test in the hopes of being the quickest to find the book among the many consoles, cameras and headphones.

The puzzle creators have received feedback that the hidden item can be found in as little as five seconds – but how long will it take you?   

Eagle-eyed puzzlers will notice the volume hiding towards the top right corner with it’s book mark hanging out.

Over 2,000 people have liked the challenge on Facebook and have shared the time it took them to discover the book.

Edu Prints Plus have sparked a viral challenge to spot a hidden book in this artwork in less than 20 seconds 

Edu Prints Plus founder Faisal Naisim revealed the inspiration behind the brain teaser is linked to his interest in reading a physical book rather than consuming information on a screen. 

He said: ‘I love a brain teaser like this – something that helps you keep your vision sharp and puts your perception skills to the test. 

‘And in a world where it feels like technology is taking over absolutely everything, I get real joy out of picking up a physical book and casting aside my phone or tablet for an hour or two. That’s really the inspiration around this puzzle.’ 

The hidden book can be seen with its book mark hanging out towards the top right corner of the drawing

Last month puzzle maker Gergely Dudas shared two images of animals enjoying ice cream in a park, revealing that there were seven subtle differences between the drawings.

Better known as Dudolf the artist took to his popular Facebook page over the weekend where he shared his latest brainteaser challenge. 

Captioning the image he wrote: ‘Summer is almost over… Have another ice-cream while it’s still hot outside! Can You find 7 differences?’ 

The original picture seen on the left shows two bears giving out ice cream from a stand, as a deer plays football with a bunny and a hedgehog enjoys a snack.

Last month Dudas took to his popular Facebook page over the weekend to mark the end of the summer with a new quiz- challenging followers to find the seven differences in the right-hand picture

Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas then shared a link to a page featuring the image with the highlighted seven diffferences

Meanwhile two penguin chicks play on a mat while a turtle sports sunglasses on his shell as the animals enjoy a sunny day out.

The hand-drawn image even shows a few of the animals teasing the followers, holding up a sign which reads: ‘Can you find 7 differences?’. 

However in the right-hand picture seven subtle adjustments have been made, visible only to the eagle-eyed and revealed in the picture below.  

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