Camilla’s subtle hairstyle changes since becoming Queen

The soon-to-be Queen of England has slowly transformed her appearance over the last couple of decades. When she was in her twenties and thirties, Camilla Parker Bowles would jaunt around the Cotswolds in jeans and baggy sweatshirts, with minimal makeup and windswept hair. Now, the senior royal wants to “look glamorous”, according to her hairdresser, but “doesn’t try to look glamorous”.

Camilla’s hairstyle is iconic, having always worn a blonde bob which was heavily feathered to frame her face.

Royal writer Ingrid Seward once described Camilla’s hairstyle as “candy floss locks”, stating her “blonde hair is thick but very fine which makes it difficult to style”, referencing “her early days in the public eye”.

When Camilla first met Charles, her hair was “often frizzy, unkempt and windswept from days spent outdoors”, the royal insider claimed.

Celebrity stylist Tom Smith previously explained how Camilla “is a big fan of the 1970’s hairstyle and she has never swayed from it”, but did note she had made “subtle changes” to her hairstyle to “bring it up to date”.

The new Queen decided to switch her hairstyle to what some royal fans are calling an “angled bob”.

The new style still features lots of feathering, but it is framed more around the face, which adds texture and volume.

In recent months, her hair also appears to be shorter and lighter in colour, more of an ash blonde with warmer highlights – different to her longer, slightly darker bob photographed last summer.

Tom explained how Camilla’s shoulder-length bob with a “soft feathered fringe” in a “pearly toned platinum colour…oozes a luxurious and expensive feel”.

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He suggested Camilla was “embracing her grey” and her “Farrah Fawcett style flicks which frame her face” produce a “flattering” look.

Jo Hansford, Camilla’s long-term hairdresser told The Daily Mail how the royal likes to “looks glamorous but she doesn’t try to look glamorous – that’s not her thing at all”.

It is not known whether Jo is behind Camilla’s more modern hairstyle, as she previously admitted to signing a confidentiality agreement to style and colour Camilla’s hair for the past 25 years.

During a conversation with The Times, Joe said whatever she and Camilla discuss in the salon chair, and whatever hairstyle choices are made are “confidential”.

The hair expert said she “never discloses anything about [her] clients” as she “has to be diplomatic”. But, she has “built a rapport” with Camilla over the years and “knows her hair”.

“When the texture changes, you know how to alter the colour,” Jo added.

Camilla’s hair is not the only change she has made to her appearance, her clothes have adapted to her royal roles over the years.

The Queen tends to choose icy colours – pale blues, pale pinks, blush tones and cream as these “work with her hair and complexion”.

While she “always dresses the part”, Camilla is “happiest in informal country clothes” rather than “glittering frocks”.

One item in Camilla’s wardrobe that she has never changed is her choice of a shoe; the Queen opts for Sole Bliss, a brand that is specifically for people with bunions to provide comfort and support.

Camilla is said to have 11 pairs of Sole Bliss shoes in a variety of colours and styles.

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