‘Buying It Blind’ Preview: Anna, Jen & Michel Face New Challenges With Busy Parents — Watch

HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of the Nov. 16 episode of Bravo’s new series ‘Buying It Blind.’ In this week’s episode, the crew has to try and find a new home for busy parents. Watch now!

IWith three kids under the age of four, Savannah and Brian have no time to find a home suitable for their growing family. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of Buying It Blind, they explain their situation to Anna, Jen, and Michel. “We had to buy this house because we were in transition after selling a house, so it was the only thing that was available,” Brian says. They’ve “constantly been looking” ever since. Their kids are about to start school, and where they live impacts that decision.

For Savannah, she’s got a lot on her plate, so she needs some help. “I feel like I’m so depleted of energy,” she says. “The last thing I have time to muster up is hunt for our home, find sitters that are hard enough to find anyway…” She tells the trio that she wants an updated kitchen and a mudroom. Savannah and Brian’s kids make an appearance, and Michel sees just how hectic their life is. “This house is crazy and I will have children as soon as I’m sick of having free time,” he says.

“I really need help just making Savannah’s life a little bit easier,” Brian tells Jen, Michel, and Anna. The trio certainly has their work cut out for them!

Buying It Blind airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on Bravo. The show follows 6 couples at a purchasing breaking point. These couples surrender total financial and creative control to a team of experts in hopes of finding their perfect home: Atlanta real estate agent Anna Kilinski, visionary contractor Jen Metzger, and designer to the stars Michel Smith Boyd.

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