British mum gets three surgeries at once so she can ‘look hot’ for OnlyFans

A former Page 3 girl who earns a living selling saucy snaps on OnlyFans has had three surgeries at once to stay desirable for her subscribers.

Tracy Kiss is now recovering after getting an eyelid reduction, her jawline defined and six-pack abs sculpted with liposuction in Turkey.

And the ex-glamour model said going under the knife for the tenth time has helped her maintain her “dream body”.

She told Daily Star: “I had the surgeries to look hot for my fans. As a mother of two I take pride in my physique by working out, eating healthy and keeping active.

“But I’ve had stubborn areas of natural body fat that no amount of diet and exercise can touch which led me to have liposuction surgery despite being fit and slim.

“Having tiny pockets of fat removed from my eyes, jaw and abs with surgery has given me the definition that I desired and has driven my fans wild.”

The operations cost £7,700 – meaning Tracy has splashed out more than £100,000 tweaking her appearance over the years.

Previous procedures include four boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, designer vagina surgery, Botox, facial fillers and a nose job.

And Tracy – who has 1.2million Instagram followers – defended her right to pump her body with plastic.

She said: “Most people tend to view surgery in a negative way, presuming you must be utterly miserable about your appearance in order to want to change it with surgery.

“I on the other hand feel that I love and appreciate myself enough to want the best for myself, to look and feel my best and achieve the body of my dreams.”

“Naturally I’m very slim and plank-like which is where surgery gave me curves through implants.

“Fitness helped me to achieve definition whereas pregnancy gave me loose and droopy skin so a spot of liposuction – not to lose weight but to create definition – has been the cherry on the cake for my dream body.”

She continued: “I see the body as a work of art, something visually and aesthetically pleasing to look at much like a painting or music.

“I love celebrating body confidence, curves, contours and being at peace with the skin that you are in. When you’re happy on the inside it shows on the outside in the way that you smile, feel good, compose yourself and make life choices.

“Being a slim girl with curves and definition to me is the epitome of femininity and something that I’m thrilled to have achieved – albeit with a little helping hand from my surgeon along the way.”

Tracy, 34, lives in Buckinghamshire with her kids and earlier this year she caused a stir by getting a ruler tattooed on her arm to measure penis sizes.

She has over 70 tattoos and she also revealed the most painful place to be inked.

Now recovering from her latest batch of procedures, Tracy insisted anyone can relate to wanting to feel body positive, no matter how you achieve it.

She said: “When we love what we see in the mirror our body confidence flourishes, regardless of how you choose to get there from diet and exercise to surgery.

“We can all identify with the fact that looking good makes us feel good and when we feel good we are more free and able to have fun and be sassy.”

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