Brit orders extra pickles with McDonald’s burger – and leaves gherkin fans riled

A Brit who asked for extra pickles on their McDonald's burger got more than they bargained for.

The fast food fan decided the couple of gherkins in between the buns of the quarter pounder classic was not enough.

So they thought to go ahead and customise their bargain bite to their standards.

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But, it appeared the McDonald's worker took the request quite literally.

Over on the Casual UK subreddit, the pickle loving Brit shared a snap of their customised burger.

They wrote: "When you order a McDonalds quarter pounder and ask for extra pickles…"

Instead of adding a couple more of the controversial green slices, the kitchen staff showered the cheesy meat with the gherkins.

So much so the burger was barely visible underneath!

Since being posted onto Reddit, the McDonald's meal received mixed responses.

Some felt the mound of gherkins was the "correct" amount.

"That is a thing of beauty," one person commented.

Another user declared: "Finally, the correct amount of gherkins."

While a third voiced: "Finally a McDonald's that understands what I mean when I ask for extra pickles."

However, not everyone was keen on the vast quantity of pickles.

One person jibed: "Think they misunderstood the difference between extra and all the pickles."

A second said: "This feels passive aggressive."

And this person blasted: "Well you got what you asked for and now it's a problem."

Let us know in the comments what you think about the extra pickles – too much or too little?

Or are you not a fan of the gherkins at all?


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