B&M barcode scanner app: How it works, how to download it and tricks to find a bargain

B&M shoppers say they've saved hundreds of pounds by using the store's free barcode scanner.

The tool allows them to discover discounted items before the staff have even reduced them.

The scanner lets you see if the item's price is cheaper than advertised on the shop shelf.

Products that are typically discounted are seasonal items and old stock that B&M is trying to shift.

The scanner is completely free to use – you just need to download the B&M app.

We explain how it works, how to download it, and the best tricks to find a bargain.

How to find your nearest B&M

THERE are plenty of B&Ms around the UK – in fact, the retailer has around 600 stores.

To find your nearest, use the online store locator tool.

There are three different types of B&M shops: Bargains Stores, Home Stores and Home Stores with Garden Centre.

But what's the difference? Bargains Stores tend to be based on high streets and have a smaller range of goods.

Home Stores have larger furniture items, while Home Stores with Garden Centres have an outside space for garden products.

How do I find the B&M scanner?

The B&M scanner is located on the B&M Stores mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone.

Shoppers can download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Once you've got the app, click on the "scan" button at the bottom of your homepage.

This will then bring up the camera on your smartphone, which you'll need to use to scan barcodes. We explain below.

How do I find bargains with the B&M scanner?

When you've found a product you want to scan, simply point your smartphone camera toward its barcode.

The app will then automatically bring up the item's price – this is when you'll know if it is reduced or not.

Bargain hunters say some items come up as £1, 50p or even 10p through the app.

For example, professional bargain hunter Holly Smith previously explained how she bagged a LOL Surprise game for £1 instead of £10 by using the app.

We've also spoken to one mum who managed to find a Spiderman toy for just 10p, plus another woman found cushions reduced to 10p with the scanner.

But of course, not all items will scan at a lower price – so don't be disappointed if the thing you're after isn't reduced.

Quite often, you'll need to have plenty of time on your hands to go round and scan a lot of items in store.

While the reductions can seem random, it's usually items that are seasonal or old stock.

For example, you'll likely see Christmas products reduced on the app after December 25, or chocolate eggs down for pennies after Easter.

Another thing to note is that the reductions do sometimes vary between stores.

This means just because something is reduced in one B&M, it doesn't mean it'll cost the same price elsewhere.

But if you do get lucky and find a bargain, the product should scan at that price at the till.

We've asked B&M what happens if it doesn't come up at the lower price, and if staff have to honour the scanner price, and we'll update this article when we know more.

The scanner only works in stores.

How do I maximise my chance of finding a bargain?

The Sun has covered plenty of B&M scanner wins over the years, so we've picked up a few tricks or tips along the way.

Here are some pointers to help you nab a deal:

  • Check seasonal items: These are the items that are most likely to be reduced. So after Christmas, you'll want to be checking all the festive products. And after summer, you may find paddling pools and outdoor toys reduced.
  • Scan reduced items: Even reduced items can be discounted even further when you check it with the B&M scanner.
  • Visit more than one B&M: If you've got the time, it could pay to visit more than one B&M as stock availability and discounts will vary between branches. For example, we spoke to B&M shopper Chloe Louise who nabbed £860 worth of goods for £80 by visiting five stores in one day.
  • Pick your day and time carefully: We've spoken to B&M haulers who claim the time and day you visit your local store does have an impact on how many bargains you'll find. There isn't a set formula for all stores, so try and visit at different times until you know when is best.
  • Use Facebook groups: Keep an eye on what is likely to be reduced by joining B&M Facebook groups. For example, the B&M Bargains and More page has more than 274,000 members all posting deals.

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