Bloke’s Pornhub ink dubbed ‘trashy’ and a ‘guarantee’ he’ll never have sex again

A bloke's Pornhub tattoo was labelled 'trashy' and a 'guarantee' that he'll never have sex again.

The platform that shows X-rated content is popular amongst millions who get off on kinky videos.

But, it seems that there is one user who is somewhat of a super fan of the pornographic website.

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It appears that they love the adult entertainment platform so much that they got a tattoo in honour of Pornhub.

He chose to get the white, orange and black logo tattooed onto his hand – and it would not be easy to hide.

The picture of the bloke's tattoo was posted onto Reddit that showed the huge inking spanning from his wrist to beginning of his thumb.

His body 'art' appeared to be fresh with the black ink blurred outside of the lines.

“My body is a work of art," the original poster mocked on Reddit.

Left in shock at the wild tattoo, many people fled to the comments to tease the owner of the Pornhub ink.

Some felt that the artist's work was so bad that the ink was just a sharpie and ball point pen.

One person slammed: "In my opinion it's trashy because how s*** the work is done."

Another user added: "Trashy is an understatement."

While a third person voiced: "I feel like it’s covering something up."

Someone else remarked: "If that was a tattoo I'd punch the tattoo artist.

"But also it's a marker/pen probably."

Meanwhile, a fifth jibed: "Putting ads on your body literally for free, and you almost guarantee that you will never get laid again unless you pay for it."

Elsewhere, a mum "addicted" to tattoos said that she has been banned from ink parlours.

She told Daily Star that tattooists will not let her in the shop as her face is a 'lost cause'.


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