Best tablecloths to buy 2021 | The Sun UK

CHOOSING the best tablecloths for your home comes down to size, shape, design and fabric.

We explain what you should be looking for and pick out the most popular options.

A tablecloth is an easy way to dress up a dining table and which one you choose will depend on what style you’re going for – whether it’s meant to be fun and stylish or plain and formal.

Can I use a rectangle tablecloth on an oval table?

One of the first things to think about when choosing the best tablecloth for you is the shape.

Tablecloths come in three main shapes – round, square and rectangular – and are designed to match tables of the same shape.

For an oval table, depending on its length, you can use either a square or a rectangular tablecloth to cover it.

A square one will leave the rounded edges of the table exposed, and that’s part of its appeal, while a rectangular one will fully cover it but the drop won’t look as sharp as on rectangular tables.

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