Best Reusable Straws 2019 | The Sun Uk

MOST of us are now concerned about what excessive plastic use is doing to the environment.

Many people watched documentaries like Blue Planet II and decided to stop using single use ones in exchange for reusable straws made from environmentally friendly materials.

Also, straws are especially useful for people with some disabilities and children learning how to drink from a cup – both of who can't give up straws.

These reusable ones are normally made from materials like stainless steel or silicon, though people are now looking for more natural, biodegradable alternatives like Bamboo.

It all depends on what works best for you. As we grew up using plastic, it might take awhile to start using another material. You just have to find the right fit.

To help you with that, we have rounded up the best reusable straws on the market, so you can drink without worry.

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