Best Alexa Compatible Devices 2019 | The Sun UK

AMAZON'S Alexa is a virtual assistant who can make various aspects of our lives easier.

Sure, she's a fun party trick – and has quite the sense of humour – but Alexa's capabilities these days extend far beyond playing a Bruce Springsteen song when we want her to.

While data privacy concerns still remain a barrier for many, PwC found that nearly 40 per cent of people enter the connected home market via smart entertainment devices, and that ownership of smart devices has almost doubled in the past couple of years.

Amazon's Alexa is now compatible with a range of smart-home devices, from lights to hoovers, which you can control using voice-activated technology.

Investing in an Alexa device, like an Echo Dot, Echo Flex or an Echo Plus, is the first step. These start at under £20.

Some Alexa compatible devices require Echo Show, which has a video display, to work effectively.

Once you embrace the ease and convenience of an Alexa-enhanced life, you won't go back. 'Alexa, how many ways can we thank you?'

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