Bella and Gigi Hadid have bleached their eyebrows in the name of fashion

Part of being a model is having very little control over the look you’re given to wear for a catwalk show – a downside of the job that supermodels and genetically blessed sisters Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid will know all too well.

Despite this, you can usually recognise either sister a mile off – even when they aren’t sporting their usual model-off-duty hair and makeup looks. However, for their latest Versace Milan runway looks, we did a double-take when the duo strutted down the catwalk. Gone are their usual fluffed-up brows, and in place are bleached-out arches that drastically transform their facial features.

We couldn’t help but spot that the duo also look like they’re wearing some serious Julia Fox-inspired (aka Kanye West’s “muse”) eye makeup, with their lids and lower lash lines coated heavily in smoky black kohl and powder. This heavy makeup only made their lack of brows even more obvious, but the effect was still powerful despite not being particularly wearable for the average person.

Normally, when a supermodel has to have their hair or brows changed for a runway show, they either wear wigs or have makeup applied to create the illusion of a transformation. Bleached brows, especially, are relatively easy to fake with some concealer and a bit of powder. However, Bella has been pictured off the catwalk with very light eyebrows, so it looks like the sisters really did get an actual bleach for the Versace show.

In other supermodel news from the week, the Hadid sisters’ pal and catwalk companion Kendall Jenner underwent a hair transformation of her own in the name of Milan Fashion Week. The reality TV star turned model debuted red hair on the Prada catwalk, where she wore it scraped back into an up-do.

She then took the fiery new colour off the catwalk and onto the streets of Milan, proving the look was most likely semi-permanent and not the work of a wig. Full marks for dedication to the job, Kendall. Fans, of course, loved seeing the star with a different hair colour.

“Please keep the red hair for a while @KendallJenner so you can give us some fire ass looks. it suits you so much,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Red hair Kenny! look fabulous,” said another.

A third wrote: “she is so gorgeous, honey blonde, red hair is her colour!”

What we’ve proved here is that supermodels really can look pretty much perfect with any eyebrow or hair colour. *Sigh*.

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