Awkward sex blunder for Mark and Roxy in Neighbours

Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) has been keeping Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) as his naughty little secret, but they’re about to go public in the most embarrassing of ways in Neighbours when a sexy afternoon goes drastically wrong.

Things have been going well for these two, although as far as Mark is concerned they’re just having fun together and that no one needs to know.

Though Roxy is starting to catch feelings, she’s definitely enjoying things as much as he is.

But things could always be better, and Roxy decides the one thing they’re missing is a bit of kink. And who better to do that with than the local copper who already owns a uniform and a sturdy set of handcuffs.

It’s just the ticket to spice up their sesh.

It turns out to be a fun move for them both as they enjoy their steamy time together, and at the end of their sex session, Mark finds himself chained to the coffee table.

That’s quite an afternoon!

He needs to get to work though and asks Roxy to set him free.

But Roxy has a sinking realisation; she has no idea where the keys are. She turns the house upside down looking for them, but it’s no good, they’re lost.

How on Earth is Mark going to explain this one to his superiors as a reason for missing his shift? Roxy only has one suggestion – she has to ask Harlow (Jemma Donovan) to help.

Mark is horrified to learn Harlow knew about them all along and is even more embarrassed for her to see him in this state, but it’s the only way. Harlow suggests bolt cutters and knows Ned (Ben Hall) has some.

Roxy goes and sheepishly asks to borrow them, but Ned is intrigued to know why.

Mark is absolutely mortified when Ned suddenly appears just as the girls try to set him free – with his intrigue so piqued Ned decided to follow the girls back to the house.

Mark’s fuming at the state he’s found himself in and Roxy suddenly realises her raunchy move might just have cost her her relationship. Will Mark dump her for her sexcapades?

Scenes air from Monday 16th September at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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