Auschwitz Museum urges visitors avoid certain poses for photos

Woman sparks outrage by posing on the train tracks at Auschwitz – as museum urges visitors to ‘respect the memory’ of the 1.1 million murdered at the site

  • Auschwitz Museum spoke out after snap of woman beaming on tracks went viral
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The Auschwitz Museum has reminded visitors they should be respectful to the 1.1 million people killed at the camp by avoiding taking photos in a specific pose.

It comes after a photo of a woman at the Auschwitz site went viral on Twitter.

In the image, taken and shared by Maria Murphy, the anonymous woman is shown sitting on the railway tracks that transported some 1.1 million people (including 1 million Jews) to their deaths at the camp.

She is in a casual pose, leaning back and smiling widely, as she holds her hair off her face with one of her hands.

In the caption accompanying the image, which was posted on April 15, Maria wrote: ‘Today I had one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. 

An anonymous woman (pictured) has sparked a discussion online after a photo of her smiling and posing on the railway tracks that once transported 1.1 million people, including 1 million Jews, to their deaths at Auschwitz went viral

‘Regrettably it didn’t seem everyone there found it quite so poignant.’

In a later tweet, she added: ‘We were asked repeatedly to be mindful and respectful. 

‘You would think this sort of thing wouldn’t need to be specified as a no-go for that criteria.’ 

The post, which garnered around 30 million views, received a response from the Auschwitz Museum account.

It said: ‘Pictures can hold immense emotional & documentation value for visitors. Images help us remember.

‘When coming to @AuschwitzMuseum visitors should bear in mind that they enter the authentic site of the former camp where over 1 million people were murdered. 

‘Respect their memory.’

Other Twitter users also took to the post to share their views on the post.

The memorial account posted a response, reminding people to be respectful o

US news anchor Lina de Florias wrote: ‘Who…would even think to do this??? It’s stomach-churning.’ 

Another tweeted: ‘Shocking. Do they actually know where they are!’

And a further Twitter user wrote: ‘I can’t believe you have to tell grown adults to behave and be respectful. 

‘This should be common sense.’ 

Numerous Twitter users commented on the post to share their shock and disappointment at the photograph

Speaking to VICE World News, Pawel Sawicki, from the Auschwitz memorial and museum press team described such incidents as ‘rather isolated’.

However, he added, the team ‘believe we have an obligation to react’ irrespective of how rare the occurrences may be.

He added: ‘Last year, around 90 percent of our visitors were guided. 

‘The educators sensitise visitors to the character and symbolism of the place they are in. 

‘If we see inappropriate behaviour, we react. This is our duty.’

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