Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan Says Tom Brady Is ‘Inspirational’ & Talks Shooting Commercial With Ice-T

NFL QB Matt Ryan EXCLUSIVELY tells HL why QB Tom Brady is inspirational as he teams up with Ice-T & Stone Cold to help the planet with Tide!

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, 36, just hit a major milestone with 350 passing touchdowns in his impressive career, but he’s sharing why Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady, 44, is the inspirational one. “He’s unbelievably competitive,” Matt told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while discussing his partnership with Tide on Oct. 5 as the NFL teams up with the detergent brand to #TurnToCold in an effort to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “He’s unbelievably disciplined. That part of it’s inspirational to all of us.”

The father to twins, Marshall and John, 3, thinks Tom’s dedication to the sport at his age is what sets him apart from any other player in the league. “You watch him at 44 playing great football,” Matt added. “And so you like to think that if you are committed in some of the same ways that he is you can do it for a long time and I think that creates inspiration for younger guys.”

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Tom is known for his insanely strict diet, and while Matt also takes care of himself, he’s not as intense as his pal! “I haven’t quite gotten that extreme,” Matt said laughing. “I like to think that I take pretty good care of myself and eat pretty healthy, but I will have meat and bread once in awhile. I eat pretty clean, but I don’t think I’ve taken it to that extreme.”

Being a part of this unique and special club, Matt is still in awe of how all the guys in the league support each other. “It’s a unique fraternity of guys that are in that same position and they’re not many,” Matt revealed.

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