Animal lovers share the reality of spending Christmas with their pets

All is NOT calm! Animal lovers reveal the reality of spending Christmas with their four-legged friends, from cats getting tangled in the tree to a dog ripping presents to shreds

  • US animal lovers have shared what Christmas is really like when you have a pet 
  • From cats savaging the Christmas tree to dogs ripping presents to shreds 
  • In one snap, a poor feline was caught tangled in the tree’s sparkly garlands 

Pets can help to make Christmas a magical time… when they are not wreaking havoc on their owners’ houses. 

Frazzled owners from around the world have revealed what it’s like to spend the holidays with very active pets who don’ really care about keeping the tree or the neatly wrapped presents intact until Christmas Day. 

In one snap shared with the trivia website Bored Panda, a black cat was pictured strutting away from a tree after taking it down. 

In another, a sheepish dog faces the camera after ripping their owner’s presents in shreds all over the living-room. 

Animal lovers also regaled us with pictures of their geckos, rabbits, hamsters and even Alpaca in Santa hats and festive costumes.  

People have shared hilarious pictures of their pets wreaking havoc on their festive celebrations. In New York, a dog ripped their Christmas present to shreds, spreading it all over their owner’s living-room 

Feeling fessssstive? A pet lover shared a picture of their snake wearing a little Santa hat ahead of the holidays 

Ah, to be a service dog in hospital going around a ward in a Volkswagen toy car decorated with garlands, wearing sunglasses and a candy canes hat

A poor small cat was caught tangled in their owner’s Christmas tree’s garlands. He kept his cool, though

This black cat brazenly strutted away from their owners Christmas tree after taking it down, pictured 

All hell broke loose when dog Juno tried to get a bite of cat Alvin at this California-based couple’s house 

Who is the real messiah around here? This cat evicted the baby Jesus from the manger at the local church 

It’s not only cats who have a personal vendetta against Christmas trees, as this naughty dog proved 

In California, a cat who wanted to help his owner decorate realised halfway through his climb up the ladder that he was scared of heights

One Northwestern University student just wanted a nice picture of her cats by the tree but the two felines started fighting

In North Carolina, this black dog got a little bit carried away while opening presents on Christmas Day 

All this couple from Vegas wanted was a nice family picture at Christmas, but their cat was not camera ready 

Bah humbug! The Spanish owners of his cat may have been feeling festive, but we’re not so sure about the feline 

You’re not fooling anyone! This naughty dog was rumbled playing hide and seek in the Christmas tree 

A furry cunning plan! These cats banded together to try to take down the Christmas tree 

A tiny rabbit who thought no one was watching was caught munching on a branch from the Christmas tree

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