American who lived in UK shares things they miss most including bad weather

The bad weather in the UK is one thing we all dislike, but according to a Reddit user it's what they miss most about Britain.

Over on the online forum, the American revealed some things they miss most about living in Britain after spending five years here.

Not only do they miss our miserable temperatures, crumpets and the word "bollocks" also made them home sick.

Now in a post which has racked up over 3,000 upvotes, the user Kingkunta87 enlightened fans with their response.

They wrote: "Hello. Alright hello again from your resident Yank.

"Some of you may remember me that I spent 5 years living in the UK before unfortunately departing back home."

They added: "Well I'm settled back home in New York City and there's a few things I really miss: The word 'bollocks'.

"Used to describe everything from great, to not so great to a mistake. Whatever its use, I miss hearing it in every day conversation."

The user also claims to miss Warburtons and scotch pancakes (that we can relate with).

But one thing they really miss is the conversations they had in a taxi with the driver pointing out how bad the weather was.

They continued: "I do miss the chat with a taxi driver. And the look on someone's face when they hear my NY accent.

"Yorkshire Tea. English breakfast just doesn't cut it here. [I also miss] the unpredictable weather.

"Not knowing whether I'll need my 'Big Coat', a waterproof, sunglasses or umbrella but whatever I pick it'll be wrong.

"And the people. I have this homesick feeling of a place that isn't my first home but I miss the British people."

Have you ever met someone who says they miss our bad weather?

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