Amber Portwood Says Long-Distance Relationship Turned Into 'Very Possessive, Not Healthy Situation'

By the end of Tuesday’s Teen Mom premiere, Amber was adamant she and Dimitri were “not boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Looks like Amber Portwood and Belgian boyfriend Dimitri Garcia couldn’t go the distance.

While “Teen Mom OG” fans were first introduced to her new beau last season, the relationship had clearly taken a turn for the worse before filming resumed — a situation complicated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We haven’t seen each other now in seven months because of Covid,” Portwood exclaimed during a Zoom call with her fellow “Teen Mom” costars on Tuesday night’s season premiere. “The thing is, though, he’s such a sweet guy, he’s amazing, but he is possessive and jealous because he’s not here.”

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As someone who had been in “controlling” relationships before, she worried about backsliding into a similar situation. “I can’t go backwards to where I was. I have found myself and I’m happy about that, but I don’t want to lose that,” she explained.

In a voiceover, Portwood continued to say that Dimitri’s “insecurities” were “a lot” for her to deal with. “Dimitri has been calling me non stop and I need to be aware of this dynamic because I’ve been in controlling relationships before,” she added.

Speaking with one of her producers, Amber said he was “possessive from a distance” and someone who needed to know “what I’m doing all day, every day.” His ears must have been ringing, because right after she said that, she got a phone call from him.

In it, he said it wasn’t his fault he was so possessive, because he couldn’t stop thinking about her. “I love you, I miss you a lot,” he told her. Amber’s response: “There’s times where I feel like it’s getting a little much.”

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“The love that we did have before is turning into a very possessive situation and a very not healthy situation,” she then told him. “To be questioned by somebody so much at a time like this, is just something that is not needed for me whatsoever. We’re not ‘dating.'”

As he asked, “Seriously?”, she said she had to go and hung up. Speaking with her ex Gary Shirley after the call, she told him that the two were “not boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Portwood also briefly referenced her ongoing issues with ex Andrew Glennon, with whom she shares son James, throughout the hour. While she noted that the kids were “doing amazingly” and got to see each other a lot, she couldn’t “talk about certain names or anything” when asked about Andrew. She also revealed that James was not allowed to be filmed amid their custody dispute, but she was still able to see him 2-3 times a week.

“Teen Mom OG” airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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