Aldi launch chocolate bunny for Easter that’s half the price of Lindt’s version

Easter is almost here, so if you haven't already started thinking about chocolate gifts, now might be a good time to start, as the options this year are plentiful.

The latest showstopper to arrive as part of Aldi's Easter range is a bunny shaped surprise most of us will be used to seeing by now. Aldi’s Moser Roth Chocolate Bunny (100g) is available in stores nationwide and is priced at an incredible £1.49 – half the price of the fan favourite by Lindt, which usually retails for £2.99.

The chocolate bunny comes in both white and milk chocolate, its made using luxurious milk chocolate and finished with a smart Easter bow, perfect as a gift to someone special this year or as a decorative treat for the kids.

In a price comparison Aldi's new chocolate edition isn't just cheaper than Lindt's, but it also wins the price test compared to 100g versions by Tesco and Sainsbury's, both currently have chocolate bunnies for £2.50.

Shoppers keen to hop onto this great deal will have to act fast, to find your nearest Aldi branch use this handy store locator.

Budget supermarket Aldi is the latest retailer to roll out new items as part of its already fairly extensive Easter range, which features staples like tasty hot cross buns, and of course, plenty chocolate treats, including eight new vegan alternatives.

If you're looking for more suggestions for Easter this year, there's plenty of choice out there. For a sweet treat the whole family can get involved with, why not opt for this DIY cottage kit from Cadbury? Alternatively, join the Cadbury Worldwide Hide event is equally as fun as a unique virtual activity for everyone.

Hotel Chocolat has also released an extensive range for Easter 2021, including the fan favourite Splat and Hard Boiled eggs.

If you're not a chocolate fan and would prefer something alternative all together, Glossybox and LookFantastic have each launched beauty eggs, filled with skincare and makeup treats for enthusiasts.

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