Aldi is selling a new caramel and hazelnut flavoured rum, perfect for Christmas

ALDI has launched a caramel and hazelnut rum liqueur that's perfect for Christmas.

Even better, the 500ml bottle, which is made by The Illusionist, is an absolute bargain at just £9.99.

The rum liqueur has a sweet, nutty aroma with toasted hazelnut flavour taking centre stage, followed by hints of rich caramel flavours.

This isn't the only festive rum on offer at Aldi.

The discounter is also selling a chocolate-orange rum liqueur, which also costs £9.99.

And there's also a fig, honey and cinnamon version, available at the same cost.

All three rums are available both online and in store.

If you're buying online, Aldi is offering free delivery for customers who buy six bottles of wine or spirits.

But Aldi also offers free delivery for customers that spend £20 or more, so actually you'd only need three bottles of the rum or £10.01 of other Aldi shopping to avoid paying.

The delivery fee otherwise is £2.95.

You can also avoid the fee by picking up your bottles in store.

There are 827 Aldis in the UK.

You can find your nearest using the store locator tool.

We couldn't find another UK supermarket selling a caramel and hazelnut flavoured rum.

Master of Malt do have one available, but its more expensive at £29.95.

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