A woman starts an opinion war over middle-class treats

How middle class is YOUR favourite chocolate? Woman sparks heated debate about the UK’s poshest brands by claiming Ferrero Rocher is ‘aspirational for the working class’

  • A woman took to Mumsnet to ask which UK chocolate brands are ‘middle class’ 
  • Commenters were quick to point out which cocoa treats were the classiest  
  • Quality Street considered ‘lower class’ while Charbonnel et Walker is upper class

It is the Queen’s favourite chocolatier, so it is perhaps of little surprise Charbonnel et Walker was declared among the UK’s poshest chocolate brands by Mumsnet users. 

A British woman sparked a debate over which chocolates are working, middle and upper class after her mother-in-law said a Ferrero Rocher tower is ‘aspirational’ for lower income families. 

Admitting she found the idea that particular chocolate could be viewed as working class ‘baffling’, she wrote: ‘Therefore – lightheartedly – tell me which chocolates you view as typically middle class? We discussed it as a family and we couldn’t come up with a single one!’ 

A woman took to Mumsnet anonymously to ask about the class rankings of chocolates after her mother-in-law called Ferrero Rocher’s ‘working class’

Most people agreed on the chocolates for each class category and many regular supermarket options made the list

Posh choc… or not? How does YOUR favourite sweet treat fair? 

Here’s what Mumsnet users think about the UK’s biggest chocolate brands…

Lower Class

  • Roses
  • Thornton’s 
  • Heroes 
  • Celebrations
  • After Eights 
  • Guylian 
  • Quality Street
  • Cadbury’s
  • Ferrero Rocher  

 Middle class

  • Hotel Chocolat
  • Rococo 
  • Tony’s Chocolonely
  • Green & Black’s
  • Lindt
  • Monty Bojangles 
  • Godiva
  • Montezuma 

 Upper class

  • Debauve & Gallais 
  • Charbonnel Et Walker 
  • Prestat 
  • Lauden
  • Leonidas
  • Artisan chocolatiers

Mumsnet users were quick to respond with their ideas, with Quality Street listed among the ‘working class’ chocolates and Hotel Chocolat being labelled ‘common’. 

One person wrote: ‘Deffo Green & Black [is middle class]. I’d say they were one of the first middle class chocolates that seem to have paved the way for all the current ones? 

‘I remember when they were fairly new (maybe 20 years ago!) and loving the Maya Gold one, thinking it was vair poshe.’

Another commenter posted: ‘I got some Guylian seahorse things for Christmas – I know at one point I considered them pretty classy, but they’re in all the cheapy shops now (so I’ve heard…) I tried them and they were way too sweet, and I’ve got a pretty sweet tooth.’

The woman explained that she was confused by the class system as her family had come from all different backgrounds

A commenter who described themselves as working class said: ‘I’m WC [working class] with WC tastes, love Galaxy Caramel, Fry’s Turkish Delight or a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. I like Green & Blacks, Thorntons and Lindt, so they may well fit in the WC bracket too.’ 

Another user suggested: ‘Ferrero Rocher do look fabulous but they are disappointing they taste awful, the nuts are like little bits of chopped wood.

‘I have suggested we no longer have them in the house. Monty Bojangles & Prestat are lovely Green & Black’s everyday chocolate and cooking. But no more Ferrero Rocher here.’  

A third person thought they had the chocolate classing system sussed: ‘WC [working class] – Roses, Quality Street, Thornton’s, Black Magic, Heroes, Celebrations, Ferrero Rocher, After Eights. Guylian.’

‘MC [Middle Class] – Lindt, Monty Bojangles, Hotel Chocolat, Green & Black’s, Tony’s Chocolonely, Godiva, Montezuma, Charbonnel et Walker.’

‘UC [Upper class] – Prestat, Neuhaus, Leonidas, stuff made by niche chocolatiers plus anything they happen to like regardless of naff quotient as they don’t give a flying fart what anyone thinks.’

While someone else wrote about the ‘upper class’ treats they enjoy: ‘Prestat is a popular chocolate for flower companies to include in deliveries. They are nice enough and I have enjoyed them. But I have had better from LIDL.’    

Commenters had no trouble in sorting out the chocolates at the top from the ones they deemed to be the least classy

‘All chocolates will be eaten by me. I don’t discriminate,’ one joked.  

‘Charbonnel Et Walker And prestat are my posh indulgence rather costly but totally yummy,’ one said. 

‘I’m partial to House of Dorchester Rose Creams myself… see also the own brand ones from Lidl that don’t have Violet Creams in the same box to palm off on Mum,’ one wrote. 

‘Actually posh people eat whatever they fancy because they don’t care what anyone else thinks,’ one said. 

‘I’ll eat whatever’s going. But because I have no filter when it comes to chocolate, not because I’m posh,’ they added. ‘

‘Maltesers are classless,’ one said.

One person said Maltesers were ‘classless’ while another asked whether chocolates bought at Fortnum and Mason were posh

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