A married throuple are expecting their first child

Wife who shared a drunken kiss with her friend during truth or dare reveals they’re now living as a ‘married’ throuple – and her pal is expecting her husband’s first baby

  • A married throuple from Wisconsin are set to welcome a baby girl in December
  • Brandon Tidd, 34, and wife Elizabeth, 23, proposed to Shannon, 30, in 2018
  • Polyamorous throuple met on Brandon and Elizabeth’s Harry Potter role play site
  • Jealousy does arise, but Brandon said they iron out issues by communicating  

A couple who formed a polyamorous relationship with their best friend after a game of truth or dare, are now in a three-way ‘marriage’ and expecting their first child.

Brandon Tidd, 34, from Oregon, and his wife Elizabeth, 23, met Shannon, 30, from Ohio, online through a Harry Potter writing website they run, and the trio became friends.

Now based in Wisconsin, they offered to help Shannon, who was living with her parents, to become independent and she moved in with them while looking for her own place. 

One day when they were all playing Truth or Dare, the two women shared a drunken kiss, and it happened again the next day after a surprised Elizabeth found that she enjoyed it. 

Elizabeth fell for Shannon and over time – with the three of them spending more time together romantically – Brandon found himself also falling for Shannon, and they embarked on a polyamorous relationship.    

Married polyamrous throuple, Brandon Tidd, 34, Elizabeth, 23 and Shannon, 30, (pictured left to right) are expecting their first child in December

Brandon and Elizabeth who met in 2014, became serious in 2015 and married within two years.  Shannon joined their relationship after they formed an online friendship

The throuple (pictured) say their friendship developed into romance after Elizabeth and Shannon kissed while playing Truth or Dare

Brandon, who is a professional dog trainer was doing his advanced training as a soldier in the military when he met Elizabeth, from Wisconsin, in 2014. 

While both were lined up in formation, they began talking and developed a close friendship. 

The pair soon began dating and within months, Brandon moved across the country to be with Elizabeth. Two years later they were married and brought their first home together. 

Brandon and Elizabeth first met Shannon through a Harry Potter role play website they run with 10 active writers, and formed a close friendship with wordsmith online.

Brandon (pictured centre) who struggled with life changes around age 25, was training in the military when he met Elizabeth

She ended up moving in with them while looking for her own house, and their friendship turned romantic. 

In 2018, both Brandon and Elizabeth proposed to Shannon in a heartfelt letter about their feelings for her and took her to a paper lantern festival, which had been on her bucket list of things to do. 

In March 2019, Elizabeth fell pregnant with their first child and they got ‘married’ as a trio in October 2019. The throuple’s baby is due this December.

‘When I was 25, I was going through some intense life changes; I wasn’t happy where I was at all and wasn’t happy doing what I was doing,’ Brandon said. 

Brandon (pictured with Elizabeth and Shannon) says his friendship and mutual attraction for Elizabeth developed after spending a lot of time together

Brandon moved across the country to live with Elizabeth after distance began to impact their relationship when military training ended

He continued: ‘I decided to complete a lifelong dream and join the military. With my background as a firefighter and EMT, I was perfectly suited.

‘Not even a year later and I found myself in training. After completing basic, I went to advanced training and was lining up for formation when this young girl stood next to me called Elizabeth. I was almost 27, she was clearly younger than I was and very attractive.

‘We joked a bit, but couldn’t say much as we were getting another boring brief. That banter became fairly regular as I found she kept lining up near me every time we had formations.

‘We began talking more and more and before I knew it; she had become a really good friend. That tends to happen in the military; you spend a lot of time together.

‘It didn’t take long before the combination of our friendship plus a mutual attraction led to a relationship. We had gone off base a couple times during weekend leaves and went on dates.

Elizabeth and Brandon who run a Harry Potter role play website, struck up a friendship with their writer Shannon, when Brandon started messaging her

Elizabeth (pictured centre) and Brandon invited Shannon to live with them after time spent speaking online and meeting up

‘Everything culminated on a Valentine’s Day date when we got serious; fast forward to the end of training and we both went back home.

‘It didn’t take long before the distance got to us and I moved across the country to be with her. About two years later, we were married, buying our first home, and getting a few dogs to play with and join our family.

‘One of our shared pastimes is writing. We run a Harry Potter role play website where you make a student or adult and write out their stories with other writers.

‘The site has about ten writers who were active and a character I had made started to fall in love with another character. So, I messaged the writer and started talking to the other person, Shannon.

‘As time went on our friendship online grew and she became a regular topic of conversation between Elizabeth and me. 

After Brandon and Elizabeth both fell for Shannon, they agreed to propose to her at a paper lantern festival

Brandon admits their was jealousy when their polyamorous relationship begun, but eventually love defused all negative feelings

‘Elizabeth had started messaging her and we decided that we would help her get on her feet and start helping her get independent of her parents. One trip from Wisconsin to Ohio and we had acquired a roommate and a new best friend.

‘One day, after a little bit to drink; a game of Truth or Dare turned interestingly fun and it had them kissing. Elizabeth was raised extremely Lutheran, so she had never done that before with a girl and was surprised she enjoyed it.

‘The next day, it happened again, but it went much further. That was the beginning of Elizabeth falling for Shannon and it grew from there. Friendship combining attraction.’

The polyamorous throuple have since got married and are expecting their first child together. Brandon says that while there was some jealousy in the beginning, the love and trust between them defused any negative feelings.

‘This life means that we communicate more than a normal couple. If one of us is off, we have two people to lean on. If two of us are fighting, we always have a referee. We remain equal and we all have a say,’ he added.

‘We make sure jealousy is not allowed in, and if there is an issue we stop and do a throuple “check in”, usually led by me unless I am really upset.

Brandon says they would discuss any issues upsetting them along with three positive things about each other 

Brandon claims including Shannon (pictured right) in his relationship with Elizabeth strengthened it 

The professional dog trainer says that they weren’t looking to be in a throuple but their three-way relationship naturally developed

‘We would ask each person how they are doing on a scale of one to ten, what is upsetting them, what is making them happy and we say three positive things about each person.

‘We just happen to all be people that fell in love with two people instead of just one. None of us were looking to be in a throuple, it kind of just developed that way naturally like with any couple.

‘I would say overall, including Shannon in our relationship has strengthened it; it takes a lot of trust between the two of us to fully love each other and fully love another person and like any couple the three of us have our arguments but I feel very strong in the relationship.

‘It’s funny because people think living with two girls must be harder because of all the emotions, but with the way our dynamic works, all the of us haven’t fought about anything.

‘Current plans include moving to Oregon and going on lots of adventures with our daughter and our dogs and each other of course.

‘Elizabeth is now expecting a baby girl who is due on December 8, 2019, and she will be raised with two mummies and a daddy.’

Brandon (pictured with Shannon) says he feels very strong in their relationship, despite having arguments like any other couple

The polyamrous throuple who are expecting a baby girl, have plans to move to Oregon along with their dogs

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