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DOG CRATES get a mixed response from pet owners and canine activists. While some owners find them incredibly useful and insist their pups love them, others worry crates are cruel

According to the RSPCA, dog crates can be helpful for five main reasons.


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They're useful to transport dogs from place to place and can help a dog recover after surgery. Some dogs like having a crate as a safe space in their home or someone else's – and if you leave the crate open, they can walk in or out as they please.

Crates can also be handy if an owner needs to leave the house for an hour and doesn't want their agitated dog running through the house.

Finally, dog crates are used for puppy training sessions, to help encourage puppies to get comfortable in their new homes. They're also beneficial in getting nervous dogs to the vet and can create a safe, familiar space for your dog when you're somewhere new – like on holiday.

The basic rules with making a crate a help rather than a hindrance? Always associate the crate with positivity and safety: make it comfortable and ensure it's spacious enough for your pet. Remember: never use them as a form of punishment for your pet.

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