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PROTECTION for your paintwork and maximum respect on the roads – your motor deserves a bit of Karate Kid-style: 'wax on, wax off'.

Let us open a small window into the world of car detailing. Here’s our pick for the best car polishes in 2021.

1. Soft99 Fusso Coat Light

  • Soft99 Fusso Wax Coat Light 200g, £26.50 from Amazon – buy here

Multiple award-winning Japanese brand Soft99 supports all those supercar fans you’ve seen in the likes of Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Where the dark, more expensive formula is seen as a wax, this light formula is more of a polish. It comes with its own applicator, which is key, since it doesn’t apply like normal polish. It needs about 15 minutes to 'haze' (that is, to dull).

A very thin layer will give you incredible water-repelling results, which last a long time—needing to only be applied two to three times a year—but it requires a delicate touch.

2. Halfords Car Polish

  • Halfords Car Polish, £3.50 from Halfords – buy here

This bargain of a polish has done really well in industry tests, all too often showing up more expensive products.

It’s better suited to milder weather and doesn’t offer the ultimate showroom finish, but it repels dirt and water and has your paintwork gleaming respectably.

At that price, if you’re not yet sure about your commitment to this new detailing hobby, you won’t feel too short-changed, if it doesn't last.

What’s more, if you’re a multi-car household, you’re still making tremendous savings by doing the car valeting yourself.

3. Armor All Shield

  • ArmorAll Shield Better Than A Wax, £13 from Halfords – buy here

Lasting up to ten washes, ArmorAll Shield Better Than A Wax helps prevents dirt from building on your car by repelling dust and dirt particles.

In an incredibly easy-to-apply spray bottle, there’s no drying time needed with this car polish. Just spray and wipe with a microfibre cloth (not included).

What’s more, ArmorAll’s laboratory magic has created technology, which means great beading in bad weather and faster car washes.

Washing your car, it claims, also reactivates that protective layer, to keep that shine and prevent build-up.

4. Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection

  • Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection, £12 from Halfords – buy here

British manufacturer Autoglym has a suite of affordable detailing products (including Super Resin, for buffing out minor scrapes).

Its Extra-Gloss Protection is a liquid sealant, formulated to seal the shine in and keep the muck out.

Autoglym claims it can protect your car for several months, and tests have shown it to be durable. Unlike other brands, it can be used on wraps and matte finishes, as well as gloss finishes.

The advice is to apply a thin layer so while this is one of our pricier choices, the 325ml bottle should last a fair few years.

5. Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal

  • Gtechniq’s C2 v3 Liquid Crystal, £19.99 from Amazon – buy here

With fan claims that this is better than wax, Gtechniq’s C2 v3 Liquid Crystal is expensive but lasts a very long time.

This polish not only protects your paintwork from dirt and water damage but also shields the colour from UV bleaching—like a giant pair of sunglasses for your car, but way less dorky.

With a positively stunning finish, one layer of this stuff will leave your car looking better than when it came out of the dealership.

Plus, excellent water beading performance more than justifies the price tag.

6. Britemax Extreme Elements 2.0

  • Britemax – Extreme Elements 2.0, £21.95 from eBay – buy here

The most expensive option here, this Britemax formula claims to deliver aerospace-quality performance.

It’s bluey-grey, thick formula, which would feel just as at home on our guide to best waxes, needs a bit of a shake before use.

This liquid-wax-sealant-cum-polish isn’t the easiest to apply, but if you have the time or need an excuse to meditate, the results go some way to explaining the mighty price and will leave you feeling infinitely calmer.

Terrific beading, long lasting and a showroom shine are a testament to the versatile nature of Britemax Extreme Elements 2.0.

7. Triplewax Diamond

  • Triplewax Diamond Liquid Carnauba Wax, £9 from Halfords – buy here

With a carnauba wax base, this liquid formula from Triplewax is a surprisingly affordable option for polishing your car, without needing to wax as well.

Really easy to apply, the Triplewax Diamond Liquid Carnauba Wax is a long-lasting polish that endures through several washes, bringing back a glossy shine each time.

Triplewax claims it removes minor defects—microscopic debris on the surface of the paintwork—without scratching it and so this saves time spent claying the car too.

For those short of time, who don’t want to skimp with a shortcut fix, this could be the answer.

8. Farécla G3 Professional Surface Sealant

  • Farécla G3 Professional Surface Sealant, £11.97 from Amazon – buy here

Farecla has a great reputation for delivering outstanding detailing products.

This is their newest addition to the line-up, a polish that protects and seals to repel water and give great shine.

Containing silicone, this polish applies like others in our list, spray on, wipe off the residue, then buff to a shine.

It’s not as cheap as some longer-lasting products in the list, but if you’re already a Farecla fan, this will work seamlessly with other products in the range.

9. Dodo Juice Future Armour

  • Dodo Juice Future Armour, £15.35 from Amazon – buy here

Essex-based Dodo Juice is by no means the cheapest, even by throwing in two microfibre cloths with each purchase.

However, these guys champion a no-nonsense approach.

The fact their brand name takes the mickey out of corporate brands and their over-reaching claims of performance defines DDJ’s attitude to delivering great quality products.

Future Armour is a spray that works on its own or layers on top of existing wax.

Fans love it as it beads 'incredibly' – so much so that if you want your car dry, after you’ve applied DDJ, some say you can just drive away and the water will fly off.

Which car polish is best on the market?

It is a bit geeky – a meditative equivalent of adult colouring books, so no surprise some fans can spend more hours polishing their car than consuming box-sets on Netflix.

However, these guys might actually be on to something.

Given the increased cost of new car purchases and factor in the price of those special metallic finishes, it’s well worth keeping that paintwork in tip-top condition, especially if you want to hang on to the residual value of your car.

Car detailing is something that only needs to be done thoroughly twice a year.

A couple of “refresher details” in between these biannual events include polishing, so you’re looking at a product you’ll use once a quarter.

Is wax or polish better for your car?

Polishes and waxes were once considered two separate requirements – one for shine, the other to protect.

However, technology has moved on and so products out on the market now can often do both really well.

The idea is, the polish keeps the paintwork gleaming but also protects the transparent top layers from dirt, microscopic road debris and water.

Any good polish will force water to bead, maintaining that barrier and will help wash the dirt off much more quickly on weekly washes.

Just to be clear, car polishes aren’t just a bit of Pledge.

Like any good craftsman, start out with good tools and the final result will be what you intended.

How long does a car polish last?

How long a good polish will last what type and brand you use.

Some of the products on our list will have your car looking tip top for eight weeks plus, while others reckon they only need applying once every few months.

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