1950s guide to dating reveals the best ways to find a husband

Who needs Tinder? Hilarious 1950s dating guide reveals the best ways to find a man – including not working with women, getting lost at football matches and being nice ALL the time

  • Several pages from an unknown 1950s dating book have been circulating on social media – and include some dating gems
  • The section entitled 129 ways to get a husband includes tips such as ‘start a whispering campaign about how ‘sought-after’ you are
  • Other nuggets include avoiding companies that employ large numbers of women and pretending to get lost at football matches

Finding a partner in the 21st century is tricky enough, even with a slew of apps that can put you in touch with complete strangers with zero fuss. 

However, wind back the dating clock by nearly 70 years and suddenly the likes of Tinder, Bumble and PlentyofFish seem like the best ideas ever.

As pages from an unknown relationship book show, finding a love match before modern technology – and swiping – arrived wasn’t always easy. 

Images of the sepia-tinged book, which includes a chapter entitled ‘129 ways to get a husband’ offer a glimpse into some of the more novel ways people might have once tried to woo the opposite sex.

There’s the notion that you might carry a camera around with you and ask people to take your photo in the hopes of striking up a conversation with a stranger. 

Other pearls of apparent wisdom include avoiding companies that might employ too many women and even pretending to be lost at a football match  

Who needs romance, eh?  

Opportunity knocks: Number 14 on the 1950s dating guide suggests that you walk around in a constant state of friendliness in case people you’re nice to have male relatives you can meet

The unknown book on relationships also suggests that you learn to play poker, ditch your career and be honest about a desire to have lots of money

And if you get really desperate, you could, according to number 116 paint your name and number on the roof of your house in a bid to attract low flying pilots to your charms

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