18 Quotes That Disney Fans Should Totally Use In Their Wedding Vows

Disney movies may have a bad reputation for conditioning us to believe that romantic love is all Prince Charmings and castles, but I’m not sure that rap is totally deserved. Disney has taught us some valuable lessons about love. It’s all evidenced in the wise words of multiple Disney classics. And they’re so good they’re worthy of going in your wedding vows. Yes, there are quotes from Disney movies that you can use in your wedding vows and they will totally make everyone shed a tear.

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Second, don’t stress the whole vowing to love each other forever with the perfect words part. Finding the words to promise undying love to your partner comes from the heart. And, turns out, sometimes Disney movies. From Bambi to Frozen, there are some seriously potent quotes on the topic of love, what it means and what it is. Just saying, Olaf from Frozen may be the Yoda of romance.

Of course love is hard to define. That’s why there are 149 Disney movies exploring this most ~swoon worthy~ feeling. Most of these 149 movies tango with the theme of love whether romantic, familial or platonic. There’s Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King all capturing the turbulence and wonder of true love. If you grew up believing in true love because of Disney and now you’re having your own fairytale relationship, tip your veil to the first movies that taught you about romance by including their words in your vows. Hope you didn’t have to kiss too many frogs or Gastons!

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